Hakata Tsukemen Promotion, Ippudo @ Pavilion

July 24, 2014

I was invited to a blogger event last night at Ippudo Pavilion, in conjunction with their launch of their seasonal menu, the Hakata Tsukemen.


The event started promptly with the introduction of Tsukemen (Dipping Noodles) by Ippudo Malaysia’s Operations Consultant, Yosuke Nishiguchi.


A brief explanation from Nishiguchi-san about dipping noodles, as traditionally  a lot of restaurants serve soba instead of ramen and this is definitely something new.

IMG_1422 IMG_1423

Demostration on how to properly eat the Hakata Ramen. The proper method would be to dip the cold ramen into the specially soup, and when you’re done, pour hot water into the soup to drink it.


Ippudo also traditionally don’t serve sushi, but during along with the seasonal Hakata Tsukemen, 3 selections of hand rolls are available. Unagi Cheese Roll, Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll (From right to left). All 3 rolls are pretty special on their own, but the Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll excels with it’s clever combination of buttery smooth avocado, salmon and crunchy bites of bacon. Excellent appetizer while waiting for your bowl of ramen!


The soup consist of pork broth and bonito, fragrantly waiting to be dip with the ramen.


The ramen is being served cold, and that includes the runny egg and pork. It might seem weird at first because it’s cold, but once you dip it into the bowl of soup, it’s good!


That’s how you do it, Hakata style! The ramen, cooked al-dente, is very spongy and just a bowl might not be enough. However, some might find that the soup might be a bit salty but you could always add in hot water to suit your taste buds.


Hakata Tsukemen is currently available at Ippudo Malaysia so do give it a try when you’re around any of their 3 locations in KL now.

Ippudo Malaysia
Lot C4.07.00 Connection Level 4
Pavilion KL
Tel No: 03 2110 6233

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