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Black Market @ St Mary Place

January 15, 2014

Black Market isn’t exactly what you thought it to be, you can’t find anything illegal here and the only thing you can find is a decent place that is pork friendly, located at St Mary Residences at Jalan Tengah near Menara Weld.


Celebrated a friend’s birthday here last October upon recommendation from the lunch gang.


Decent ambience, perfect for everyone working within the vicinity to catch a breath and have a relaxing lunch. The selection are pretty vast, ranging from Spanish to Oriental cuisines.


I ordered a set lunch, which you get to choose a soup, a main and drinks. Minced Pork Fish Maw Soup, pretty oriental in every way and tasty.


Vin de ‘Pork’ (RM38 set lunch), a grilled pork shoulder topped with jamon ham in red wine and poached zucchini. Despite being a recommended dish, I find that the pork is somewhat bland and have a strong taste of pork.


Mushroom soup, normal looking soup.


Black Scallop Pasta (RM36 set lunch) is special, with squid ink spaghetti in spicy balsamic sauce and fan scallop. Will be appetizing for spicy lover like myself.


Black Market’s Grilled Pork Shoulder (RM36) is almost the same like my Vin de Pork, except that it’s served with Black Market’s specialty ‘black’ sauce. This version is definitely way tastier than the one I ordered.


Grilled Salmon with Mint Sauce (RM36) was the last to be served, but taste wise, it’s alright but nothing fancy.

There’s quite  a lot of mains that I would like to try, but I thought that most of the recommended ones by the restaurant are pretty average in terms of taste. I will probably drop by again to try the oriental side of the dishes, but if you’re looking for a good porky experience, I think there’s other places that you can look for better pork shoulders or salmons.

Black Market
St Mary Place
1 Jalan Tengah
50250 KL
Tel: 03 2022 2060
Website: http://www.blackmarketrestaurants.com/

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