33rd with the kids and Fukuya @ Jalan Delima (off Jalan Imbi)

August 22, 2013

A week after my procedure last month, I celebrated my birthday with May and the kids at Milwaukee Steak Corner. It was just a simple dinner, just the 4 of us being together as a family.



Kendric and me. Kayden with May. Don’t know why Kayden always squint his eyes when taking photos. Kendric was cute that night because initially we wanted to sit next to the aquarium with a large arowana, but he was scared of it and quickly hug me and wanted to be far away from the fish.


Drinks before the meal.


Escargot we had for the night, the meat was chewy so it’s pretty average.

IMG_0868 IMG_0867

I ordered the Ostrich meat, which is so chewy like you’re eating a chewing gum but I’ve been warned by the waitress that it’s chewy so it’s my fault for not listening. May ordered Lamb which is alright, although she don’t really like that fat bits that comes with it. Not the best western food dinner but it’s good to be able to spend some time with the kids after laying down on the bed for the past few days after the procedure.


Oreo Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings. Nice but the chocolate ones are nicer.


This is actually the best birthday ever able to spend it with the kids, knowing that my condition actually got better.


The very next day, we celebrated our birthday with my friends at Fukuya. Have been to Fukuya a few times during my Amex days and find that the food are pretty good, with lots of rooms within the place to have a gathering.


Was meant to be a surprise dinner for me, but we end up being the earliest there. A nice room to accommodate the 11 of us, although the only thing missing is some background music throughout dinner.

IMG_0883 IMG_0885

Salmon Skin Salad and Tamago as appetizer while waiting for the rest to arrive.


Unagi To Chiri Padi Maki Usukoromo Age (RM36), grilled eel and chilli padi roll fried with lightly tempura batter, served with soya sauce. Something different from the average Maki with the combination of chilli padi, and crunchy bites from the tempura batter.


Spider Maki (RM28) is just as good, with deep fried soft shell crab cucumber and lettuce roll topping with flying fish roe.


Some of us who ordered the set dinner got our appetizer (which I think varies daily). We have a jelly like salmon in the wine glass, a scallop, wrapped salmon and a stick of what we though like taro or yam. Nice start for your set meal.


Chawamushi that comes with our set dinner. The egg custard is soft and fluffy with a variety of mushroom and seafood inside.


My Grilled Eel Set (RM110) comes with a plate of sashimi too, and the cut is quite standard, about 1/2 an inch of a selection of salmon, tuna and butterfish.


Unagi, my favourite is delicious although the portion might be a bit small for the price you pay.


May ordered the Sashimi Set (RM110), and she got more slices of sashimi compare to mine.


A mini tempura set that comes with her set.


Chicken Teppanyaki, a la carte that some of my friends ordered.


Rock Melon as dessert which is part of the dinner set, the only thing missing I guess is parma ham.

Fukuya is definitely a nice Japanese restaurant to have a quiet dinner and if you’re looking for something that is not so main stream like Sushi Tei or Kita no Zen. The price might be on the higher side but the food quality is top notch as well and with the ambience, it’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion. They do serve affordable lunch sets as well called the Fuku Fuku lunch at RM40 where you can choose from a variety dishes ranging from salmon sashimi to cod fish terayaki or even soft shell crab tempura. Overall it’s a nice catching up session so that all of us are on the same page since one of our friend is getting married in September and we get to know what’s the plan for that big day.

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Cuisine
9 Jalan Delima (beside Levain Boulangerie)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2144 1022
Opening Hours: Lunch (12pm-230pm), Dinner (630pm-1030pm), Sunday (6pm-10pm)

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  • Reply Choi Yen August 27, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Happy Belated Birthday Jordan~
    Btw, the price for the unagi set is a bit hefty, I can get a better portion else where 😛

  • Reply JD August 27, 2013 at 6:11 am

    @Choi Yen

    Thanks. It’s definitely on the high side, but quite ok la the environment and food.

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