Goon Wah XO Fish Head Noodle @ Kuchai Lama

April 15, 2013

Kuchai Lama nowadays is famed for having numerous eateries, some special in it’s own way like Win Soon Fish Head Noodle and Fu Lai Dim Sum. 2 weeks back while I was driving back to my office, I took a detour here to locate a Fish Head Noodle shop that’s been posted by a few FB friends, since it’s lunch time anyways.


The restaurant only operates on weekdays as they are also a food caterer during the weekends, I was there about 11-ish, and the place is almost full. I quickly find myself a spot at the very end and order what’s famous there, which is the XO Fish Head Noodle.


First time being here, I was puzzled why do they give me a bowl because normally you’ll just eat it off the bowl right? The chili that’s serve is different from others with the lack of sambal belacan, but still packs a punch.


Barley with Bean Curd (Fu Chuk Yi Mai) to drench the thirst.


I’m seated at the edge of the restaurant, with numerous tables being reserved for the lunch crowd.


By the time my pot of Fish Head Noodle was served, I knew why they gave me a bowl, because you can easily feed 2 person with it. It’s somewhat different from the normal ones that I’ve eaten before, the soup is sour and almost taste like a non spicy version of Assam Laksa. The noodles are thicker than the normal vermicelli (mihun) and it comes with a generous portion of fish head, as well as bits of Ham Choy (Pickled Mustard Cabbage) with tomatoes and bean curd. There’s also a few slices of yam, which is a good addition to the noodles.


Taste wise, it’s quite refreshing since the soup is a bit sourish, although I didn’t really tasted the XO or anything in the soup. The portion is definitely big enough for 2 person, and I noticed that the place do serve other dishes as well such as Guiness Chicken Wings, Claypot Loh Shue Fun and a few others but I guess I will ask a few friends to come along if I wanted to give it a try. The whole meal costs RM16.50 which is alright for a pot of XO infused Fish Head Noodle, too bad they don’t open on weekends, if not I can drop by again with May and the kids. Well I guess for now, I would have to find someone who’s free on weekdays to try the other dishes that it’s famous for.

Goon Wah XO Fish Head Noodle
G13 Jalan 3/115C
Block KP2 Taman Kuchai Jaya
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : 03-7982 0048
Opening Hours : Monday till Friday, Closed on Weekends

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