Kyo-ei Tokyo Ramen @ Pavilion

March 22, 2013

Despite being a guy, I found myself constantly having cravings for certain kind of food and last week, it was Ramen.


Kyo-ei Tokyo Ramen was featured in the Star last Monday, and since I’m out and about Pavilion, decided to head in to check out what it has to offer.


Simple seating arrangement, with only about 20 tables max and an open kitchen concept.


The menu is pretty simple where there’s basically six type of Ramen that you can choose from, with another 3 type of soup base. Both me and May opted for Kyo-Chan Ramen, mainly because there’s a selection of Chashu and Egg.


I ordered the Shoyu version (RM27) while May ordered the Miso version. Both comes with half an egg, 3 slices of Chashu, bamboo shoots and piece of fish cake.


A close up version of what I’m having. My shoyu soup is tasty although it’s a fairly light broth compare to the one we had at Goku Raku.


The Miso version has a slightly more stronger taste, and it’s depending on individual preference. May don’t fancy the taste much because the combination was odd. My recommendation would be to go with either the Salt or Shoyu version.


The version of Ramen from Kyo-ei is very much like of Chinese pan mee, hand made by either the owner or the chef themselves hence it’s shorter and broader compare to the normal Ramen. The Chashu portion is just nice, with a little bit of fat surrounding the sinful meat.


With any selection of Ramen, you can opt to select a side set as well. It comes with either Gyoza/Karaage/Motsuni with rice and salad. The gyoza is good, while the Karaage (Fried Chicken) taste a lot like a mixture of KFC’s Hot & Spicy and Taiwanese Fried Chicken. The salad is palatable while the rice is a tummy filler just in case the ramen is not enough. The price is on the high side, but it’s not often you get to try hand made ramen right?

Kyo-ei Tokyo Ramen
Lot 6-01-01, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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