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Fook Kee Claypot Chicken Rice @ Kampar

March 28, 2013

Good morning Thursday! Today, I will be sharing with you a better Claypot Chicken Rice that I’ve tried in Kampar. Last week’s work assignment brought me back to Kampar again, and this time around, I managed to visit Fook Kee, another place that sells Claypot Chicken Rice, that’s along the same stretch with Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice that I tried last year.


The place is already crowded when we reached about 615PM and we quickly settled down at a round table.


There’s the man who’s outside manning all the claypots, while the lady boss is in charged of making the vegetables. Another lady will be the one putting all the ingredients on to a finished pot of rice.


Selection is as written on the menu board with 2 main selection, Claypot Chicken Rice with Chinese Sausage and Salted Fish version or just Claypot Chicken Rice. The rest would be a selection of vegetables.


Lettuce to ensure that the whole meal is balance.


We were lucky as we only waited for about 15 minutes before the rice is served. Some diners after us have to wait for a good 30 minutes before they can have their meal. The wait is mainly because the person manning the stoves have a certain quota when cooking different sizes of claypot. So at a time, he might be cooking just the small version so if you’re ordering a large version, there’s when you need to wait.


This version here is more delicious compare to Chan Siew Heng, I especially like the Chinese sausage (lap cheong) as it’s the right texture and sweet, and when added in with the salted fish, it’s just great!


A quick mix of everything up before digging in!


The rice here is very fragrant, and cooked to perfection and this is one dish I wouldn’t mind going all the way to Kampar for!

Fook Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
Jalan Idris (Beside Watson)

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