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Tom Dick & Harry’s Live @ Pavilion

February 28, 2013

A few years back, a few close friends of mine will meet up each Wednesday to catch up on the things happening between them, and the labeled it GNO or Guys Night Out. I went once and that’s it. But as age is catching up, and since each of us are getting more and more into our life, I thought that starting this year, we will make it a point to catch up at least once a month, hanging out, having drinks and dinner.

Our first meet up was back in January, it was a great get together but the venue sucks! Hence that, I don’t think me or any of the guys will visit any Library at any point in the future. So in February, we decided to meet at Pavilion and Tom Dick & Harry’s Live (or TDH for short).

While I won’t blog what have we discussed for the night, I will share the food that we had and it’s pretty good even from a pub.


After a pint of Stella, I decided to go ahead and order something that is quite out of the ordinary from the menu, Pork Ribs Curry (RM30).


Served with pieces of bread and papadam, it was one of the best pork curry that I’ve ever tasted. The curry if packed with flavour and is an excellent dips for the bread and papadam. However, it’s quite spicy so be sure that you can really handle the spiciness before ordering it.


It’s not a pub if it doesn’t serve Fish n Chips (RM28), so Lau decided to order one. A good fish n chips is where the fish is perfectly fried, and the batter is thin and chewy. The dory fish fillet that’s used were fresh so there’s not much to complain for a perfect old pub grub!


Spaghetti Carbonara (RM28) that Lai ordered is also good (since he’s one of those person that almost always order a pasta if it’s in the menu, and he’s been here a few times). Al dente spaghetti covered with the creamy carbonara with chunks of mushroom and bacons, it’s as natural as a carbonara could be.


I believe it’s Grilled Chicken (RM28) that Lin ordered, didn’t taste any of it so can’t comment much.

Despite numerous reviews that often mentioned that the food was so-so, I thought the food were good although it could be the beer that do the talking. Haha…but it’s a nice catch up.

The GNO Beer Tally (as of February)

Names 1st GNO 2nd GNO
Jason 1.6 pints of Stella Did Not Attend
JD 1.6 pints of Stella 1 pint of Stella, 1 pint of Hoegaarden
Lai 1.6 pints of Stella 2 pints of Stella
Lau Did Not Attend 1 pint of Stella, 1 pint of Asahi, 1/2 pint of Connors Stout, 1 pint of Erzinger
Lin 1.6 pints of Stella, 1 bottle of Somersby 1 pint of Connors Stout
Yam 1.6 pints of Stella Did Not Attend

Tom Dick & Harry’s Live
Lot C3.10.04
Level 3 Pavilion KL
Tel No:03 2148 0122

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