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Tickling My Tastebuds

February 21, 2013


Seeing this plate of Curry Crab makes me drool. The problem was, I never knew and will ever know how it will taste like because I can’t eat crab.


Or Sotong,


Or Lahlah for that matter.

The thing is, ever since I was diagnosed with a high level of uric acid in my body, I was told to avoid foods that will trigger a gout attack. Believe me, gout attack is painful especially when you feel a thousand small tiny needles prickling your toe, or ankle or knees that you can barely walk. These are some of the foods that I have forego for almost the past 6 or 7 years, but each time I looked at it, I will try to reminiscence how it use to taste like, the flesh of a crustacean, the wriggly spongy texture of the Sotong, or even the sometimes ‘sand filled’ Lahlah.  Gout have partially shaped up what I put in my mouth today, but it didn’t hinder me to take a good photo of what I eat or what I’ve cooked. I wish one day, I would finally to put these glorious seafood back in my mouth again!

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