Lee Hong Kee Restaurant (Restoran LYJ) @ Kampung Baru, Sungai Buloh

February 21, 2013

When it comes to Poon Choi (??), one of the most blogged or celebrated restaurant would definitely be Restoran LYJ or by it’s new name Restoran Lee Hong Kee, located at Kampung Baru in Sungai Buloh.


A lot of the blogs that you find could still feature it’s old place but it’s now located in a brand new shop lots around the same area. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to finish the Poon Choy ourselves (as it was to celebrate May’s Dad birthday), we invited her uncles and aunts as well. The shop itself don’t entertain phone reservations unless you’re ordering Poon Choy so we were glad that that’s what we ordered because if we were to just have dinner there, the long queue of dinner goers will just scare you off because the amount is a lot.


A quick look inside the restaurant where quite a number of diners ordered Poon Choi (if you see that there’s a portable stove on the table).


We ordered the higher price Poon Choi @ RM548 and the vegetables are part of the price.


This is what we get, a pot full of meat, meat and more meat. The only difference between the posh version (which what we ordered) and the cheaper alternative would be the abalones, scallops and the Kwai Fah Chee.


The view from another side, with 12 big prawns, on top of layers of braised pork, chicken and more.


Kayden all hyped out about the Poon Choi.


Scallop and abalone, perfect combination sitting on the top layer of the Poon Choi.


After the glorious layer, the comes the Steamed Chicken, Roasted Duck, Pork Ribs and Stuffed Fish. This is the part that goes well with rice.


The bottom layer consists of fish maw, chicken feet, sea cucumber all stewed together with a tasty gravy. While the abalones and scallops are fresh, I like the bottom part better because the stewed gravy is full of flavor after hours of braising and would go well with either white rice or their famous Pork Lard rice.

Overall, I think that it’s a great dinner because the dishes all bundle up together nicely, and although the place is quite far even from Kepong, it definitely warrants a 2nd visit as we want to try their Roasted Chicken which apparently can stand. Do note that a lot of blogs are still using their old address so if you’re trying to look for it, it will be wise that their new location is very close to the Sungai Buloh Police Station.

Restoran Lee Hong Kee (Restoran LYJ)
3579 Jalan Kati (Off Jalan Tong Seng)
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh
Tel No : 03-6140 2678
Opening Hours : 1130am to 230pm and 6 to 10pm (Closed on Mondays)

If you’re planning to just have dinner there, it’s advisable to be there at least half and hour earlier to avoid the huge dinner crowd, but if you’re there for the Poon Choi, you will need to make a reservation 2 days before and that will guarantee you a table.

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  • Reply jj October 7, 2013 at 8:06 am

    do u mins sharing with me how much is the posh version?

  • Reply JD October 7, 2013 at 10:27 am


    The posh version is RM548. It’s written in the post too. The normal version I think is about 200+

  • Reply VERNAL July 23, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    Now price increased to RM 368 for normal potion.

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