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The Many Eats @ Changlun or Changloon (whatever you want to call it!)

October 23, 2012

Early this month, I camped at one of the northernmost place in Malaysia, a small town called Changlun, which is just 10 minutes away from the Thai border. I thought that it’s one of the most dreading trip ever, being away from the kids for so long and staying in almost a squatter like bungalow nearby. Internet connection is not the best since 3G connectivity is only available towards the centre of the town (which by the way populated near a traffic light junction) and anything further than that, you get zero connection. Food wise, there’s a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Malay food and you wouldn’t fail to at least order a plate of spicy dish when you’re eating out, even at Chinese restaurant.


The town is mainly sustaining on the student population from the Northern University of Malaysia, plus the few hundreds staff working there, so I guess it’s a bit like Newcastle back in my university days minus the big shopping mall, or McDonalds or place for entertainment. It’s also pretty difficult to gauge working in a state where Sunday is a working day and Friday is a holiday, but banks follow the standard working week. Anyways, thank god for food and eats that somehow I’ve managed to pull a good 11 days through this town, with limited accessibility to internet.

Eateries in UUM

When in terms of food, I found the best food located in the UUM campus itself and the food is seriously cheap!


Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM4) available in the EON Student Hostel, tasty but I find the sambal lack the punch you need to get from Nasi Lemak. It’s also an alternative because we initially wanted to try the Nasi Tomato, recommended by one of the students in UUM.


I opted for Nasi Goreng USA (RM4.50) which is pretty standard and the stall is totally self service, meaning you write you own menu, and collect and pay for the food when it’s ready.


A snapshot of the eating hall on a Monday evening.


I managed to drop by again a few days later to try the Nasi Tomato for lunch, must say that it’s pretty good although the fried chicken was not as good as KFC, but then again at RM4, what more can you ask for?


The following night, we went to another eating place located near the Petronas Hostel as the same student recommended us the TomYam is one of the best. True enough the TomYam is pretty good but I opted for a good bowl of Mee Bandung, which is equally delicious.

Breakfast around Changlun

For the first few days of the job, we still managed to explore the town area for breakfast and found that this place is pretty good for their Curry Mee plus Yong Tau Foo.


The stall located in a small lane which I can’t find the name in GoogleMaps is one of our favourite breakfast place.


Nice noodles where you can select some of the stuffs to go with it. The Curry Mee is rich and spicy, while the Dried Wantan Noddles is great as well if spicy is not your cup of mee. Too bad we didn’t drop by anymore when the convo started because it’s a great place for breakfast.


There’s also another shop on Jalan Lama Changloon that serve Hakka Noodles and Curry Mee but after eating there twice, we still thought the first stall is a better option for breakfast.

Dinner around Changlun

There’s only a limited number of Chinese restaurants located in Changlun and we had nearly visited all.


The same stall that we ate breakfast turned into a small restaurant at night with a handful of local dishes.


Almost the exact same dishes, Kung Po Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork. The taste was ok but a bit sourish to my liking.


Claypot Tofu and Fried Squid. Both which I can’t eat.


Kangkung Belacan, which is somehow different because it’s wetter and Fried Egg which Chinese Sausage. Not the most satisfying dinner but at least we get free drinks and red bean soup as dessert.


The following night, we went to Kok Fong, another place recommended by some of the students that’s helping us and it’s one of the best dinner place, because a lot of my colleague ended up eating there for the next 3-4 nights.


Guiness Chicken, crispyly fried and coated with a layer of Guiness infused marinate.


Thai Style Pork, a great dish to spice up your appetite after a long day at work!


Tom Yam style fish, fresh with a very rich and spice up sauce which will definitely makes you eat another 2 bowls of rice.


The more standard stuff like Vege and Tofu. This place is highly recommended for dinner and be ready to wait if you drop by around dinner time as the place could be quite pack. The restaurant is easily located when you driving up north to Bukit Kayu Hitam and would be a great place before you continuing your travel up north to Thailand.


There’s also a few nights that I grew tired eating at the same place, so I headed up to a Malay stall located near my squatter like bungalow for a good old pack of Nasi Lemak.

By the end of the 11th day at Changlun, I had felt like staying in there for 10 years and eager to leave the place but have to brave through 6 hours of traffic (4 hours from Changlun to Jalan Duta toll and 2 hours from Jalan Duta toll to home) to go home. Will I ever visit again, probably never unless I’m driving up to Thailand but it’s definitely an eye opening experience!

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