Flirting with a Vespa

September 23, 2012

All this while I have been wanting to get a motorcycle license but that plan was put on hold, reason being a) staying in KL means riding a motorcycle is not that practical because of the classic Malaysia driver and how hazardous it could be and b) it’s pretty inconvenient if you have 2 kids with you riding on a motorcycle to Mid Valley right? However, back in August I’ve finally took the plunge and registered myself to get a Full B license from Metro Driving Academy.  A full B license entitles an individual to ride any displacement bike, from the normal cub chai all the way to the superbike.


My partner in crime who’s taking the same lesson with me. To be frank, both of us have never ride a motorcycle before, let alone a superbike and we were required to take the test on one. On the 3rd lesson when I started riding on the Kawasaki ER-6N, I fell 3 times, scratching my elbow on 1 occasion.


Knowing the needs to protect our brain, I went to get an helmet the very next day before embarking my motorcycle journey. The only thing to note is that in KL, it’s pretty difficult to find a helmet big enough for big heads, like me and Lai…but thankfully this shop in Sentul have some with removable inner cushion that can be adjusted according to size.


My helmet with a reflective visor, great for riding under the Malaysian sun.


The sole reason I took the plunge is because I’ve fallen in love with a Vespa and she’s truly an Italian beauty. Bought her 2nd hand from an owner who won it from a local contest but she’s been sitting in the parking porch for more than 4 months with less than 100km in her.


With an engine displacement of 150cc, it’s powerful compare to a lot of cub chai in the Klang Valley and it’s the only model that I could probably afford right now.


With a mileage of just 120km and below, I thought it was a pretty good deal, don’t you think?


Since getting her almost a month back, I’ve only took her out around my neighborhood, mainly running to get some groceries, or breakfast, or supper…until last Wednesday when after getting some proper riding gear, I’ve decided to drive it all the way to Ampang where I got this shot.

Jordan Tan

Well I didn’t drove it specifically to take this shot, it’s only because I was working taking photos of children in a school and the backdrop is conveniently there not to be taken advantage of.

It has been a pretty interesting experience so far and am still waiting for the time to take that test…but I guess with the next 4 weeks out of town, I guess that will have to wait.

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