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Bay Watch Restaurant (Restoran Bay Watch) @ Tanjung Sepat

September 21, 2012


Had a short holiday at Morib Gold Coast a week after the Raya weekend, been planning this trip for quite sometime and manage to get a good deal via Groupon. The journey to Morib is not short and brought us through Dengkil and Banting.


Rooms are quite alright but there’s some ants on our 2nd night crawling on the beds. Jacuzzi in the bathroom that is a little bit small. The main attraction of Morib Gold Coast will have to be it’s water theme park although there’s only a couple of slides to play with, but with 2 kids…it’s pretty difficult to play what you want. Kayden spent most of the time walking here and there, in and out of the pools. No photos of them mainly because my camera’s not waterproof.


Dinner at the resort was pretty alright and part of the promo but we have to find our own lunch, so we head over to Tanjung Sepat the following day looking for seafood lunch. A quick check in google resulted in Restoran Bay Watch, located beside the shore at Tanjung Sepat.


Steamed Chicken, taste as good as it looks!


Potato Leaves to fill the greens quota.


Bamboo shoots which is pretty fresh!


Oh Chien or Fried Oyster Omelet which was prepared quite differently, basically it’s serve in a hot plate and when it reached our table, the waitress will flip it all together. Like this…


Very fresh and tasty, even though I just tasted the eggs.


Fried Baby Squid, fried to perfection and it’s a great snack. I can’t resist and ate 1 and it’s worth the risk because it’s so fresh and crunchy and yummy!


Dong Poh Meat for me who can’t eat any shell fish or clams.


Steamed Fish with Choy Bou.


Last but not least, Salted Egg crabs.

It’s a great lunch and the price is pretty cheap too. We actually just follow suggestions from some blog and glad that we called up the place when we are lost finding this restaurant. It’s truly great seafood theme lunch with a great view of the Malacca Straits.

Restoran Bay Watch
72 Jalan 3 Tepi Laut
Tanjung Sepat
Tel No : 03 3197 3843

If you are like me who got lost in Tanjung Sepat town, don’t hesitate to give them a call so that they can send someone to direct you to the restaurant. Next post, our 2nd food escapade at Morib.

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