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Asam Batu Seafood Restaurant (Restoran Asam Batu Laut) @ Tanjung Sepat

September 25, 2012

I thought dinner at the resort was pretty alright but then we decided to head out for dinner on our 2nd night during our stay at Morib Gold Coast. Situated about 10 minutes away, the place is located by a river that looks a bit like a fishing village.


Not the best of scenery with some wooden houses and some fishing boat.


Kayden and his cousin Kin Chai, posing by the seaside. Didn’t took his nap that day as he was busy playing in the swimming pool.


The restaurant don’t serve pork so we had to order chicken and seafood instead. First up is Honey Dew Chicken, as described by the boss. Crunchy and tasted ok with some sort of sweetish and melony taste.


Kung Po Mantis Prawn.


The same Bamboo Shoots that we ate in the afternoon despite smaller in size.


Fish ball soup that we were told were freshly made, however the taste and texture suggested otherwise.


Fried Oyster again with the same method of cooking.

Comparing the 2 restaurants, dinner was almost forgettable if not of the view by the sea side. Most of the dishes were ordinary and despite fresh was below par compare to the dishes at Bay Watch Restaurant.

Asam Batu Seafood Restaurant
Sungai Mosok Batu Laut
Kuala Langat
Tanjung Sepat

It’s a good place to try if you have been running out of idea what to eat in Tanjung Sepat but if you don’t mind driving further towards the town area, I would suggest eating at Bay Watch Restaurant instead.

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