Our Baby, Pa-sonaru

Kendric’s 7th Month at Port Dickson

August 8, 2012

It’s been quite a while since both of us had a beach holiday, I think the last one was Bali? Since there’s less events during the Puasa month, we decided to head over to PD for a short holiday. This is also the 1st time Kendric went for an away trip (If you want to read about Kayden’s 1st trip, click here) being 7 months old.


We stayed at the Thistle Hotel, got it a promo price of RM300 per night from latestays.com. The hotel is nice and cozy with a very big swimming pool. The last time I was there was during my Amex days where we had our teambuilding, at that time, it’s still called Guoman.


Spacious bedroom with 2 single beds, and plenty of room for Kendric to walk around in his walker.


There’s also a day bed by the window which is a great spot to do some portrait shots.


Another shot with Kayden and Kendric.


This is also Kayden’s first time to the beach.


Kayden playing the sand cautiously, I think he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.


Prefer to play the bubble machine more!


Swimming in the kids pool with 2 arm floats. There’s a water slide in the pool as well and after I brought him once on the slide (with me ended up losing my specs in the water), he’s brave enough to do it on his own…until May decided to let him off the slide sideways. He ended up not playing with it anymore.


The view at night. Both of them ended up very tired and slept early.


A very sleepy Kayden, while waiting for breakfast. The buffet spread in the restaurant was alright and there’s lots of people despite being a Monday, guess a lot of people take the day off as well.


Kendric’s first time in the pool, and also peeing the first time in the pool.


At first he was just licking all over the float but after a while he started kicking the water.


Whenever Kayden needs to pee, he will come up from the water and requested to go to pee. You don’t see that in a lot of 2 year olds I guess?

Today marks the 4th anniversary of our ROM…heading for a small feast tonight.

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