My Last Visit to Jarrod & Rawlins

May 21, 2012

Jarrod & Rawlins, is consistently one of the top place to go if you want to have a hearty brunch and we’ve always wanted to visit again since our first time there 2 years back. Since we didn’t actually celebrated Mothers’ Day that we want to, we decided to have the celebration a week late at J&R.


Still the same menu but the price of breakfast has increase slightly.


Kendric with my grandma while we were busy ordering.


The rest of my family members.


Kayden doing some silly pose infront of the camera.

Now here comes the story why I said that it’s my last visit to Jarrod & Rawlins, while we’re ok with the al-fresco dining at the garden, what I don’t like is the amount of flies around the restaurant. One fly even decided to take a dip onto our orange juice. When we tell this to the waiters, they did nothing about it.

And of course when it comes to the waiters, I find them paying little attention to us locals…but when it comes to expats, they can said hi and chit-chat with their kids. Double standard if you asked me.

Onwards comes the food, it’s still the same but the price has increase a little.


The same Full Works Breakfast is now price at RM38 and the chef had omitted the thyme deco on the baked beans and somehow the sausages tasted average.


Egg Benedict Indulgences is now priced at RM30.


Kayden likes waffle, so we ordered a set of waffle (RM12) but the texture is on the hard side. It’s almost similar to the ones that I make at home.


Pasta Carbonara that Jasmin ordered.

We thought that it’s a good idea to celebrate Mothers’ Day here but turned out to be quite a disappointment, mainly because it’s hot and humid around the dining area, there’s lots of flies around so we were too busy swooshing the flies away from our food and the sour face from some of the waiters.

With a nicer place called the Blue Cow Café, I think this will be my last trip there.

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  • Reply Choi Yen May 21, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Kayden really grow up a lot and looks very much different!

  • Reply JD May 22, 2012 at 12:42 pm


    Yup, he definitely look very different nowadays..

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