Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu

April 17, 2012


If you ask an elder where is the famous and oldest Chinese restaurant in KL, chances are they will said that it’s Sek Yuen and myself included when I remember that whenever there’s a big event, like my great-grandmother’s birthday, or some other big occasion (when I was little), it seemed like the place to be. Over the years, I’m fortunate to know a friend whose father is part of the family and it’s also sad to know that there have been plans to close the business not too far in the future because most of the chefs and workers are getting old, and there’s one that would want to continue the legacy. Well, that’s what I’ve been told so hopefully, Sek Yuen will be here forever!


If you still haven’t heard of Sek Yuen before, it’s a mixture of an old building and a newer air conditioned shop. The photo above paints a thousand words and legacy of the place. My gang have been planning for a get together for quite some time and it’s good that our friend, Mei Ting were back in KL during the Ching Ming week so we can meet up for dinner at the restaurant. Although not many of us were there, but we sure had a good sharing session.

We met at the place at 730 and we ordered something light, which are noodles and fried rice.


One of the notable dishes here are their “Kwai Fah Chee”, basically a omelet type of dish with shark’s fin, crab meat and a few other ingredients.


The best way to eat it is to wrap it with a piece of fresh lettuce, add some vinegar and off to the mouth. This dish used to be a favourite at wedding dinners but sharks were killed for their fin, this dish kind of disappeared in the menu as well.


Sang Mee for the ill (Leanne) because she’s having a tummy ache. Very big pieces of prawn and despite the very plain looking noodle, it’s full of wok hei!


Braised Noodle recommended by the waitress is as good as it look! Very flavourful and just a plate is not enough. True enough because in the end we have to order another plate of fried rice.


Sprouts are one of the most difficult veges to cook mainly because it’s normally hard, and the chef nailed it because it’s it’s soft and crunchy just like how sprouts should be!


The highlight of the dinner was Paper Wrapped Chicken, which according to Mei Ting was one of the famous dishes here as well, aside from the Pei Pa Duck. Orders have to be made at least 1 day before in order for the chef to prepare it overnight.


This version is slightly dry, but the chicken have absorbed most of the marinate overnight which according to Mei Ting is a trade secret which are not being reveal even to her. It’s a very satisfying piece of chicken and looking at it right now is making my stomach growling. The 10 pieces that we ordered proved just right for 5 of us and it’s lucky that no one else joining the dinner because we would been left disappointed as we won’t be able to order more and eating a piece is just neither here or there.


Since me and Lai still felt that there’s some room in our stomach, we ordered a plate of Fried Rice and it’s one of the nicest fried rice that I’ve eaten with chunks of Char Siu.

Restoran Sek Yuen
313-1, Jalan Pudu, KL (non air-conditioned)
315, Jalan Pudu KL (air-conditioned)
Tel: 03 9222 0903, 03 9222 9457

It’s been a great catch up and we would like to thanks Mei Ting and her family for a great dinner!

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