Our Baby, Pa-sonaru

Kendric’s 2nd Month

April 9, 2012


I’ve been guilty of not updating enough photos of Kendric, partially due to my lack of photos of him everyday and when I do have a photo, it will be with Kayden. Spent a day at Ikea with the family sometime last month before getting busy with work again.


Kayden had been a great brother to Kendric, but being only 2 years old, sometimes we thought that he might felt a bit left out because all the attention now is targeted to his baby brother. So sometimes he’s extra clingy and wanted to seek attention.


Kendric at almost 3 months old, we are glad that his jaundice days are over, at the time of writing he had already drop a night feed too without us making any interference.


A typical Saturday at Ikea Food Hall, super packed with people!


Of course, the Swedish Meatballs are the ones not to be miss everytime we are here.


Kayden loves fries, with ketchup!


Kendric all curled up taking his nap.


Later that night, we took a quick pit stop at TCM to have a photo taken with Optimus Prime at Toy’r Us.

That’s life during weekend, but since jobs are starting to pick up this month, it will be sometime before we have another weekend for ourselves. Bummer!

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