Dragon’s Losing Streak

March 26, 2012

Basketball, you either love it or hate it. Had watched 2 home games now for the past month or so and again I got a pair of premium tickets to watch the match against the AirAsia Philippines Patriots, currently the leader of the ABL. Despite going solo to the match, managed to chat with a guy seated next to me, well I guess that’s how you make friends?


T-Wade with a new import Donald Little, since Brian Williams is currently out with an ankle injury.


Chris ‘22’ Pacana and the capt, Guga. Shots taken before the actual match while everyone is still warming up.


A highly charged match, with lots of refereeing decision made on the 1st quarter making it lasting more than half an hour! The Dragons got to a flying start and end the quarter leading by 27 to 22. Tiras Wade pulled a hamstring injury and that was the end of the match for him.


2nd quarter was a pretty close affair, lucky for the Dragons, they still managed to lead at halftime 51 to 43. Things were looking pretty good at that moment.


After the restart, the Patriots were brimming with confidence and despite some pretty shots from Patrick Cabahug and Chris Pacana, the Dragons box score was 20 to 21 although still leading at 71 to 64.


The Dragons lost it in the 4th quarter mainly because Little got fouled out of the game, plus there were some impressive moment from the Patriots no 23, Anthony Johnson. In the end, we lost 87 to 90 and it’s difficult lost, both Tiras Wade and Brian Williams presence were certainly felt throughout the game. At the end of that match, they have lost 3 in a row and currently on a 4 game losing streak and will travel down to Singapore this coming Sunday.


Despite another nail biting performance, I’m quite annoyed by this girl dress in white. She’s shrieking like a banshee throughout the entire match, when the team scores, when the team didn’t score, when the team lost possession, when Shee Fai is touching dribbling the ball, well you get the drill right? If you’re shrieking once or twice, it’s ok. But throughout the entire match, that’s just absurd! And that sums up the entire match!

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