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Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice & Gook Zay Hokkien Mee @ Kampar

March 30, 2012

In the space of less than 8 months, I’ve been to Kampar twice due to work and since I’m there for a good 3 days, decided to ask around for some good food in Kampar because there’s not much thing to do in Kampar. There’s the morning wet market in the town area but most of the eateries are closed by the time work is done, so the only choice is to do what the locals do.


Kampar town only consist a few main streets and most eateries are located at Jalan Idris, like Restoran Yau Kee, famou for it’s Bread with Curry Chicken.


Then of course there’s Kam Ling Restaurant, which is pretty much the biggest restaurant in Kampar town and most of the locals would probably celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or winning the lottery dining here.


They too are famous for their Bread with Chicken, but aside from that, their Bao (Chinese buns) are pretty good too especially the Char Siu ones. They too operate as a Dim Sum place in the morning hence that explains a variety of baos available at night.

If you happens to google up famous food in Kampar, next on the list aside from the wet market and Bread with Chicken is the Claypot Chicken Rice. True enough, there’s quite a few shops selling that and I don’t know how I missed that out during my last trip and ended up having to eat Vegetarian.


I just barged into one of the shop seeing that there’s quite a good crowd in this shop called Chan Siew Heng and the display of claypot in the front of the shop are kinda hard to be missed.


The menu is pretty simple, you just order Claypot Chicken Rice and that’s it. You can also opt to order vegetables like how I did.


Healthy portion of Lettuce with Oyster Sauce.


Claypot Chicken Rice, with Chinese Sausage and Salted Fish. It takes about 20 minutes for us to receive the order but it’s worth the wait.


True enough, the rice is cooked perfectly without any hinge of burnt rice (that’s my preference, but I know some like their rice to be burnt) and the chicken is taste due to the marinate.


The rice itself is just right, not too dry and not too sticky. The Chinese sausage that’s included is very tasty too! It was also pretty affordable with the whole dinner costing less than RM20.

Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice
47 Jalan Idris

A quick chat with one of the owner and he informed that the place is always open, apart from major Chinese holidays like CNY or Ching Ming. After a great meal, we discovered that there’s another shop selling the same thing that has a bigger crowd and I vouch to try it the next time I’m in Kampar.

The 2nd night in Kampar, we head over to a place that sells Hokkien Mee after being recommended by one of the part timers working for us.


Restoran Gook Zay as it’s called, is mainly a Dai Chao place and there’s a small stove in front of the shop that cooks noodles and stuff. Waiting time here is even longer since the place is already packed with UTAR students and families during dinner time and that guy standing there have to wait a good 45 minutes before his packed food is ready!


The uncle that is in charge of frying all the noodles. We quickly order a plate of Hokkien Mee and Sambal Loh Shue Fun, since it’s something quite different.


We’re lucky that the Hokkien Mee was served less than 15 minutes of waiting, but the size was small, very very small!


The Hokkien Mee is good, nothing spectacular and cannot be find in KL.


The Belacan is different from KL, spicy but it’s just different compare to the Sambal Belacan we had in KL.


Seeing that the Hokkien Mee portion is so small, we quickly requested to change the size of the Sambal Loh Shue Fun. Despite being called Sambal Loh Shue Fun, I can’t really taste a tinge of sambal or belacan in it. However, it’s full of ‘wok hei’ and delicious in it’s own way.

Restoran Gook Zay
4th Avenue
Taman Aston Settlement

The whole dinner costs only RM14, pretty cheap by KL standard and no wonder it’s a hit for all the students studying nearby. Do take note that if you plan to order from the Dai Chao, be prepare for the waiting period because it might take a good hour for your dishes to be serve. That’s what happen to our plate of vegetable that was never serve.

Next time when I’m here, I will definitely try the other claypot chicken rice as well as the Bread with Chicken curry.

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  • Reply Choi Yen March 30, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    The chicken rice really looks good! Been searching high & low for good claypot chicken rice at Kepong area, any recommendation?

  • Reply JD March 30, 2012 at 5:56 pm


    The only claypot chicken rice that I know around Kepong is on the same row with KTZ. Remember eating it once, normal nothing special.

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