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Meeting Baby Kendric–D Day

January 6, 2012

If you have been following my blog closely, you will remember reading about the day that Kayden was born. If you have not or would like to recall about what happened, click here. May is one of those fortunate mothers who don’t have to go through labour for a long time and that’s what happened when Kayden was born. It doesn’t even take 30 minutes and he’s out, so when we were doing the check up on Tuesday, the dilation was already 1.5cm, hence the gynae advised us to admit to the hospital as soon as we are convenient. He set the date the admission date on the 5th Jan, 11AM. So here goes…


After prepping the whole morning, we left the house and head to Pantai Cheras. This time around, it’s much more relax since we know what we are expecting.


Admission took a while, and after that we head up to the maternity ward.


May have to go into the examination room to get herself prepare this time, very unlike the previous experience.



May is all geared up in the delivery room, the nurse broke her water and her tummy is hooked up to an ECG to monitor’s baby heartbeat. This time around, we still managed to get a photo inside the delivery suite.



May have only dilated 4cm, which was still a long way to go and the gynae won’t be in the hospital till after 1PM, I head out for lunch while May is playing her Plants vs Zombies.



Had a very expensive mamak food lunch that cost RM8.50. Maggi Goreng Ayam is RM6.50 and Iced Milo is RM2. If you are ever in Taman Cheras, avoid the mamak stall in front of King’s Confectionary at all costs!


Walked back to the hospital, just in time for the gynae. He arrived, asked the nurse to induce labour, and off he goes for some teh tarik.


May were already induced, and the pain comes gradually after another. This time around, she can’t play with PvZ anymore and each time the pain comes, she almost had to shout about it.


It must be the most painful experience caused tears started flowing, the nurse suggested painkiller and jab her close to 5 minutes ago.


The jab takes close to 10 minutes before taking effect, but the pain is still there…so she went for the gas as well, which is Nitrogen Oxide.


The nurses requested me to wait outside for the gynae so out I go in the waiting room.


The gynae was back from his teh tarik session, I followed behind.


Back in the delivery room, with each contraction, May was screaming like there’s no tomorrow…the nurses all try to calm her down but the screaming never stop.


Baby Kendric is out, all bluish and somehow lifeless at the moment. The nurse used a hose to suck up all the phlegm from the mouth. The gynae give him a few pat on the backside before he started crying.


Baby is out and slightly clean up.


Here’s Kendric a few minutes after right by the heater to warm him up.


The messages starts to pour in, especially the gang in Whatsapp.



Still waiting in the waiting room while May rests in the delivery room. Since she inhaled quite an amount of gas, it take some time to wear off.


May was moved to the room and she took a nap, I left the hospital to go back home to change.


My family all visited her together, no signs of baby and the nursery’s nurse is a bit hesitant to send the baby with so many people around.


The room this time around is 1008, single bed with Astro!



Can only catch a glimpse of him in the nursery. I asked the nurse when is the next feeding time, she said 930PM, so my family decided to leave first.



The nurse sent him over because he’s crying for milk. Feisty little fella and is quite strong too.


Sent him back to the nursery because there’s no milk production yet and me myself left the hospital and head home.


Slept with Kayden one last time, prep him that his brother will be coming back tomorrow and sleeping in his cot, he seemed ok about it but everytime I mentioned the word ‘sai lou’, he will somehow brush the topic away. Hopefully he’s ok with the baby coming home.


Kayden dozed off watching his favourite Thomas episode. I also slept because that’s the last time we will get sleepful night, at least not until the 4th month.

This time, it’s not like a rollercoaster ride compare to the birth of Kayden, but of course this time, I managed to be in the delivery room experiencing the whole process, which at a moment, I thought I would faint seeing all the blood, the bluish baby and all. Thankfully everything were alright!

Once again, thank you everyone for your well wishes for May and Kendric!

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  • Reply Sher Lin January 8, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Haha… how’s Kayden coping with the welcoming of a new sai lou now?

  • Reply Jiun January 8, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    congrats ya
    Kendric birthday on 6th not 8th?

  • Reply JD January 10, 2012 at 2:48 pm


    Kayden’s doing great, know how to sayang Kendric.


    Thanks! It’s on the 5th btw…

  • Reply KY January 11, 2012 at 9:52 am

    congrats on the baby! 😀

  • Reply Choi Yen January 12, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Congrats on ur second baby!

  • Reply JD January 12, 2012 at 6:45 pm


    Thanks KY!


    Thank you!

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