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Kayden’s 2nd Birthday

January 20, 2012

Juggle between 2 sons is tiring, hence the lack of blog post for the past few weeks. A recap of what we did for Kayden’s 2nd birthday. It’s a small affair, celebrated with some close friends and relatives.


Kayden seemed to like Mille Crepe Cake a lot, so we ordered one for him from Humble Beginnings, tasted good and even better that the one from Food Foundry.


We had initially planned to call of the party because of Kendric’s arrival, but my mom said it can go on so we decided to go ahead as well although not a lot of people come for the night.


A few of the dishes that my grandma and mom cooked for the night. For special recipe, PM me!


Kayden had been practicing his candle blowing skills for quite a while, so finally on his 2 years old birthday, he managed to blow it off!


Kayden’s too eager to taste the cake and he already gobbled up the knife!


The boy loves chocolate and crepe cake!


Eager to open up all the presents!



Playing with all his toys! One of his favourite is a wall hanging mat that features quite a number of fruits.

Happy Birthday Kayden! Hope you had fun!

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