How I Spent Christmas’s Eve As A DeeJay

December 25, 2011


Yesterday was my cousin’s big day and the dinner was at Pullman Lakeside Putrajaya, so we decided to stay a night there as well.


Similar to it’s outer deco, all the rooms in Pullman have some Arabic influence on their inner deco.


The room was alright, not very big but just nice. At least the bed is comfortable to sleep on after last night’s dinner.


The theme for the night was gold and silver, but since I have neither colours in my wardrobe, I go with black and red instead.


Here’s Kayden all dressed up as well. He doesn’t like being in long pants and shirt, but luckily he complied quite well before dinner. Must be still in blur state as he just woke up from his nap right before the dinner starts.


Both of us managed to take a photo before the food was served, and that’s about it. Kayden started wanting to walk around and we can barely keep our butts on our chair.


The Rumba band, which I think was quite popular in the Klang Valley. The sang until about 10 plus before the DJ took over. Dinner was alright, but I spent quite sometime shuffling from my own table and the table of my colleagues for drinks! After sending May and Kayden back to the room, I rejoin my cousins to hit the dance floor, and I even got to be DJ as well. It’s a really interesting job, hmm…maybe I can call myself DJ JD.


Woken up this morning for breakfast and got a shot of the clock tower. No hangover, just nice and enjoying Christmas! Happy Christmas everyone!

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