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Hong Kong Day 3 Part 2–Happy Valley Race Course and Four Seasons Claypot Rice

December 12, 2011

Apologize for the long hiatus, was stuck in Tanjung Rambutan for a week and the place had terrible 3G connection, so there’s no updates for the last week.

Anyway, following back on the HK trip. After lunch on the 3rd day, we made a quick detour back to our hotel to unload our shopping kills before heading over to Hong Kong.


Times Square, houses quite a number of luxury brand but for us it’s just to look see look see. Had initially wanted to try some egg tarts at Honolulu Café as recommended by KampungBoyCityGal but time was not on our side so we gave it a miss. By 6PM, we quickly make way to this place,


Happy Valley Racecourse, to experience something different in HK.


A friendly staff explaining the way to play the game.


Commentator’s choice for the 8 races for the night, an electronic board showing the odds and winnings, the betting booth and the betting ticket.


Lai all hyped up with his bets! Well he won about HKD300 for the night.


You never been to HK if you don’t bumped into some celebrities, like this 2 fellas from FAMA.


Or some chicks from dunno where.


Betting slips, all geared up for the race.


Each race starts half an hour after the previous race, so there’s plenty of time to speculate the winning horse. I ended up the night HKD50 poorer but it’s all good fun! With all the winnings, we took a taxi back to Temple Street for quite an awesome dinner.


4 Seasons Claypot Rice, despite us being there close to 9 for dinner, we still have to queue quite a bit before our turn.


Finally it’s our turn! Well our turn could be sooner but because we have a party of 3, it takes a bit of time to get us seated. At least we can make up our minds what to order once we are seated.


See the crowd at the back? It’s that good of a business!


Once we are seated, we quickly ordered and soon the  Fried Oyster Omelet came.  The HK version is very different compare to ours, because theirs is fried until crispy but I do find it a bit oily with the crispy texture. Duck eggs are used instead so the texture is a bit more firm overall.


Heeding a lot of bloggers advice, we ordered the claypot rice accompanied by a raw egg.


The 2 version that we ordered, Chicken with Sausage and Chicken with Beef (both HKD28).


We quickly break the eggs onto the pot and cover it for another while.


After that, what you do is just mix all of them together, don’t forget to add the dark soya sauce until the taste that you prefer.


The end product will be something like this. It’s very different compare to what we have here but it’s good, very very good. Since we get to add our own seasoning, we can make sure the taste is something we desire. There’s plenty of options to choose ranging from beef to eel and even frog, so choose wisely.

Four Season Claypot Rice
46-58 Arthur Street
Yau Ma Tei
(close to Temple Street)

After a fulfilling dinner, we walked our way back to our hotel to start packing since we are leaving on Day 4.

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  • Reply Sher Lin December 17, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    They claypot looks really yummy, see also hungry

  • Reply JD December 20, 2011 at 10:02 pm


    Well fyi, it’s pretty good too!

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