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Hong Kong Day 3 Part 1–Tsui Wah Restaurant and Shopping in Mongkok

December 1, 2011

On Day 3, we slept in a little bit late but little did we know that we still need to wait for shops to open around Mongkok. So if anyone traveling to HK soon, do remember that a lot of businesses only start around 11AM, so it wouldn’t hurt to sleep in late if you are planning to shop.


The night before, I was asking Katy (a friend from HK) where can we eat Polo Bun and she recommended us this place called Tsui Wah. It’s a lot like the Kim Gary chain here in KL and is available almost every corner in HK.


A Char Chan Teng meal won’t be complete without either their Milk Tea and Yin Yong right?


Macaroni Soup with Ham and Abalone, pretty luxurious for breakfast right? Breakfast set with Chicken Chop, Eggs, Beans and a bun.


Mihun Soup and my current favourite, Toasted Bun with Condensed Milk. Too bad the bun is a little bit chewy since it’s a bit like the muffin type of bun served at McD’s breakfast.


The highlight of the day, Butter Polo Bun or in Cantonese it’s called Polo Yao. It’s a bit cold though but it’s still just as good. Despite not piping hot, the crust is still crunchy.


As being told by the rest of them, the proper way to eat it is to spread the ice cold butter into the middle of the bun, the press it flat like above. This is to ensure that all the crust won’t fall off when you’re eating it. Definitely a first time me eating it like that though.


Tsui Wah Restaurant, available everywhere in HK. Click here for their branch info.

After breakfast, we shop around Mongkok to do some last minute shopping since we knew that there’s not much time on our last day. We spent searching for some jersey since it’s the best place to get football kits.


21 Jersey Pro Shop, located at Pak Po Lee Commercial Centre. There’s quite an awesome selection here and the kits are pretty cheap too. Lai ended up getting the Liverpool Away kit for HKD424.


We also spent sometime in Langham Place, since there’s a H & M shop there and I wanted to get some shoes for Kayden. Managed to get a pair of jeans and a England Away kit for myself.


Sports shoes are considerably cheap compare to KL so I got a pair of Adidas for Kayden. The choices in HK are so much better compare to our local stores and a pair of Thomas flippers for him too.


Since we haven’t had a decent meal of HK’s famous Siew Lap (Barbequed Meat), we stopped by Yuen Kei Siew Lap for lunch. My initial plan is to drop by Wan Chai to eat the famous egg tart at Honolulu Café but that somehow didn’t materialize.


Not too crowded, can either be a good sign or a bad sign. The lady with the black shirt were the one that took our order and recommended the food quite nicely.


We got the bill before we got the food and it’s the priciest meal in HK. We ordered a total of 4 combinations which cost about 75HKD and 70HKD each. The boiled soup is additional at HKD10 per bowl but it’s very nice though.


HK is of course famed for their Roast Goose, so our first combination were Goose and Roast Pork (HKD75). The goose meat is nice and tender, but the roast pork is just so so.


The Soya Chicken and the Barbequed Meat were pretty good too. White rice is provided at HKD8 per plate and the main difference will be there’s no accompanying gravy to go with the rice.

It’s overall a pretty good lunch despite some hit and miss, but no complains since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to BBQ or Roasted stuff.

Part 2 of Day 3 to come later, Times Square, Happy Valley Race Course and an awesome Claypot Rice!

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