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Hong Kong Day 2 Part 2–Tai O, Mido Café @ Temple Street and Symphony of Light

November 29, 2011

After a tiring climb to the Giant Buddha and with some time to spare, we head down to a nearby town called Tai O.


Tai O is a coastal town located at Lantau Island and it’s specialty is dried seafood and it’s unique fishermen village.


The streets along Tai O is small and by the side of the road are shops that sell a variety of dried seafood. One of their specialty is also their prawn paste. It do look like places that you often seen in some Chinese series and the pace here is a little bit relax too.


There’s nothing much to eat here in Tai O apart from seafood but we decided to try out this small eatery since they have Cheh Chai Min.


The Cheh Chai Min is a popular snack all around HK, basically you choose what you want to eat and it will be presented like above.


This is roughly how the order chit looks like. Mine is the one of the right, with Fish Ball, White Carrot and Cheese Frankfurter and extra spicy. It’s one of a kind, but I do find that the taste is rather bland mainly because of noodles here in KL are much more infused with ajinomoto.


There’s some other dishes too like the Salted Fish Fried Rice and the Beef Noodles. The food is pretty alright, but nothing much to shout about.


Tau Foo Fah, Black Sesame Soup, Black Sesame Soup with Tau Foo Fah and Cheong Fun. Overall the food was ok and that’s about it.


After the late lunch, we took the bus back to the cable car station before riding it back to Tung Chung. Besides the cable car ride, the other attraction here would be the Citygate Outlets that house a number of branded stores at factory outlet price. Despite that, I find that the prices were not cheap and ended up buying nothing. Lai on the other hand managed to get himself a Ralph Lauren Polo Tee.

It’s close to 5PM when we left Tung Chung, and since we have quite a bit of time before the start of Symphony of Light, we head over to Mido Café to have a drink.


Mido Café is very much an old school Char Chan Teng and one can easily get lost in time with their setting.


It’s setting resembled something very familiar that you get to see in HK movies or series, mainly some triad groups will assembled here to discuss which territory to conquer next or something like that.


As we only wanted to have a drink, we ordered some snacks as well. The French Toast is pretty good despite being very oily, the Condensed Milk Toast should be good but I have to give it up because of the peanut butter used. The only setback is the Tea which I find it a bit bitter.

Mido Café
63 Temple Street
Yau Ma Tei
Tel No : 852 2384 6402 Close on Wednesday

If you want to get lost in time, it’s a good place to have a drink because it’s not overly crowded and I was told that the Polo Bun is pretty good too, just that we were there a bit late and it’s already sold out.


A view of Temple Street, we realized that this is just a short part of the entire Temple Street that sells a lot of stuffs.


We spent the evening by the Avenue of Stars watching the Symphony of Light. The show was pretty alright but I thought that it the show cater the Chinese more since the whole commentary is done in Mandarin. We also got some awesome commentary by 2 China kids besides us (in an annoying way).

Feeling really tired after that, we scrapped our dinner plans and head back to our hotel to chill out and watch Forensic Heroes before making our way out to have some Wan Tan Mee for supper.


Weng Yuen Noodle House, is tucked in a corner beside the Ko See Shoe Shop along Nelson Street and you can’t miss it.


Despite being close to 11PM, there’s still a lot of diner there.


Point to note that there’s no dry version of Wan Tan Mee in HK, and also do remember to order ‘Wan Tan Mee’ and not ‘Wan Tan Fun’ because if you order the latter, you basically get Kway Teow Soup with Wan Tan.


Some chili sauce to add some fiery umph to the noodles. The wantan’s are pretty huge in size and contains both minced pork and shrimp. Apparently this is called the HK version because the original version of wantan will only consist pork. This is more like the improvised version from the locals. It’s consider a pretty satisfying supper and that’s how we end our day 2 in HK.

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  • Reply Jiun November 30, 2011 at 7:54 am

    JD, is Tung Chung not Chung Tung….

    in my memory, their dry wan tan mee is mee with oyster source only
    not nice at all…

  • Reply JD December 2, 2011 at 2:40 pm


    Always seemed to get it wrong. Nevermind la, if want to eat dry wan tan mee, can always cook myself.

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