Lan Jie Steamed Dish @ Taman Len Seng

October 20, 2011

When I drive to and from work everyday, I will pass this shop at a corner of the traffic light and I only know that it sells steamed fish.


It was until the Raya holidays that we decided to give it a try, and it’s only then that I found out that it’s the quite famous Lan Jie Steamed Fish.


The setup is pretty simple with about a dozens of tables, and the dinner crowd soon followed once we were seated. The captain there suggested to us to order a fish for each of us, which we ended up regretting heeding his call. The Steamed Tilapia is priced from RM15 onwards and there’s only 1 variety that you can choose from, which is just plain steamed, you can however choose how spicy you want it to be though.


Well, you know what I mean why we regretted heeding the captain’s words? The fish is pretty big and can easily be shared for 2 people. I chose the super spicy version of course that comes with lots of bird’s eye chili.


May ordered the spicy-less version. I have to say that the fish is really really fresh and it’s just delicious. I have never thought that by just plain steaming the fish can be so good (and most of the time, restaurant outside will normally prepared it by other method).


3 dishes cost us about RM45, pretty expensive for dinner and we are stuffed! Would be just nice if there’s only 1 fish.


Kayden enjoying his rice for dinner as well.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place for fish lovers as it’s really one of a kind. And you know it’s famous when you have someone like Douglas Lim eating it as well right?


Can you see him? He’s the one in black.

Lan Jie Steamed Talapia
Corner of Jalan 9/142 & Jalan 1/144A
Taman Len Seng
Opening Hours : 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 930pm

Be there early as the place is normally packed during lunch and dinner time.

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