The Day Where I Almost Fainted

July 25, 2011

Apologize for the lack of update for the previous week, where it should be one of the most eventful week with lots of dinner parties and such, it turned out to be a one which is quite scary for myself.

It started last Saturday morning when I was driving to Putrajaya for work, suddenly half way through the MEX Highway, I felt that I want to faint and a little bit out of breath…I moved a little and was glad that the feeling was gone. I thought to myself that it must be those one of moment and didn’t care much about it and went on to my usual work. Then when the event was over, again when I was driving back to the office, I experienced the same thing. Despite that, I thought I’m ok as when I reached my office, everything was back to normal.

Then come Sunday, I had another event at Petaling Street, throughout the day, I felt normal but having a bit of lightheadness and I thought must be the not enough sleep. After the event, while I was having lunch, I’m really looking forward for dinner that night, as May had planned to celebrate it together with my brother at a steak house nearby.

Again when I was driving home that time, I felt that I almost wanted to faint, hence I drove to my nearest clinic to check out what’s wrong. The doctor, which was on a wheel chair, told me that it’s better for me to see a cardiologist, which I heed and once I reached home, I head back to Pantai Cheras with May.

The doctor on duty that day can only do an ECG and ask me to rest back home and go to Pantai Bangsar on Monday. Throughout that night, the feeling was one of the worst that I’ve experienced before, there’s constantly a floating feeling and there are times that I felt that something is pressing me down as well. It’s quite a horrifying experience.

Come Monday, we went to check with the cardiologist in Pantai Bangsar and I explained to the doctor the symptoms that I’m experiencing and he suggested me to get a Halter Monitor. It’s an ECG but monitor the heart for 24 hour period and was sent home after doing an Echo Stress as well on the heart. It’s my birthday, and I’m wearing a big monitoring machine over my body, the day pass by quickly and come Tuesday, I went back to the doctor again to check up on the halter monitor and the doctor can’t really tell much aside that there are times where my heart will beat 2 or 3 times in a row. FYI, I didn’t experience the fainting feeling on the whole of Monday after wearing the monitor.

So not taking any chance, I did the ‘stress test’ and there were twice that I felt that I want to faint, and the ECG detected 5-6 heartbeats in a row, the doctor put me on some medication as he said that those are the beats that can actually make me faint. So without a proper diagnosis, I went home and head over to the Chelsea training in Bukit Jalil Stadium.

The next few days, the feeling was still there and deep down inside me, I fear death. There’s still so many things to do and when I think of it, I got really depressed. And I have been reading about all this condition on the net and there are just too many things to input. By Thursday, I felt that I should get an 2nd opinion, and there’s where I set an appointment at IJN to see a cardiologist that specialize in irregular heartbeat. I thought that it’s better then.

On Friday, me and May woke up early and head down to IJN to see the doc. The experience was breezy as everything is so systematic from the point you registered yourself, to the consultation. I brought all my reports that I had from Pantai and showed it to the doc, and we asked her if it’s life threatening. Her replied was, no. That was actually quite a relieve for me. She said that this symptoms is normal and usually happened to ladies age 20-40. I can take medication to regulate back the heartbeat or can do a radioactive ablation to stop it for good (although 90-95% success rate). The earlier doctor can’t diagnose that coz apparently in the cardiologist world, there are plumbers and electricians. The plumbers will only know a little bit or nothing about the electrical circuit on the heart, while the electricians will. Hearing that, I’m actually glad that I went for a 2nd opinion. All and all, I’m on medication now but I also have the piece of mind hearing whatever the doctor said.

So that’s basically how I gone through my birthday week. Have to thank May for her support throughout the week, thanks dear!

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  • Reply IccyAsd July 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    bro for my advise, i think you should becareful of what food you are eating. from yr blog i can see your eating habbit is more to meat & can consider a ??meal(dont know how to say it in english =P).

    well anyway try going for healthier food, lesser meat more vege. have to be more health conscious now we are getting old lol.

    do you go for blood test once a year or 2? its a good way to monitor your health so you can control your diet aswell as eating habbit.

    take care bro~

  • Reply JD July 25, 2011 at 6:33 pm


    Thanks Lyle. Will definitely heed your words. But the photos on my blogs are normally what me and my friends ordered when we eat out.

    Thanks a lot again.

  • Reply IccyAsd July 25, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    yeah i notice, the ECG & Stress test dont really bring out result for your condition is not serious so therefore i can tell its not very accurate, my mom did an ECG & Stress test last time so i can tell. the more accurate & abit more costy would be doing an angiogram it could check if there is any heart blockage & so. if things is serious then they can immediately go for angioplasty(some baloon to help the blood flow to heart).

    but anyway im not trying to make things sounds serious, but this is best to take into consideration. try eating healthy cut down on oily food for a month see if you feel better. if things gets worse remember consult doctor for angiogram at pantai hospital (my mom did her’s there)

    as for the 2nd oppinion that you take from IJN “symptoms is normal and usually happened to ladies age 20-40” it kinda sound BS to me lol… well im no doctor just my 2cent =P

  • Reply IccyAsd July 25, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    oh i forgot to add, i think i can consider im almost same size like you =P but i dont take that much of “good” food like you do, if you check back yr archieve of what you eat all over this year you know what i mean… do a count of Oily food+1 & healthy food-1 culculation then you know what i mean about yr eating habbits =P

  • Reply Sher Lin July 25, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    ey, so many things going on in a week! take good care ah!
    I’ve decided – your bday session with us will be nothing on food, we can do karaoke, haha

  • Reply Shireen July 25, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Take care my fren! Glad that doc advice was OK. Do regular check up. Eat healthy!

  • Reply JD July 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm


    Thanks for the tip. Seriously, there are some people with irregular heartbeats and it’s not because of cholesterol or blockage, just that the ventricles are giving out irregular signals. Will heed your advice in terms of the food. Thanks!


    Yup, karaoke sounds good.



  • Reply Choi Yen July 27, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Hope you r OK now after the medication 🙂

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