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Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant @ Nibong Tebal, Penang

July 5, 2011

Early last week, I was away at Penang for a convocation. Although I’m in Penang, I didn’t get the chance to have any of the local delicacies, mainly because I’m nursing a stomachache and too tired to drive all the way from Bayan Lepas to Georgetown to have all that.

However, on the way that back from Penang on Tuesday, we stopped by Nibong Tebal for Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant for an early dinner.


It’s operated by one of my colleague’s relative. Frankly speaking, the one thing I know Nibong Tebal is famous for is tissue paper. If you see most of the manufacturing place of tissue papers, you will normally notice the name Nibong Tebal. But now, there’s another reason to know what Nibong Tebal is famous for.


When we were seated, we were greeted by a nice jug of freshly made Umbra juice. A great start to quench the thirst!


The first dish that was served was Tako. Fresh baby octopus being boiled with hot water before garnished with fried garlic. It’s best to dip it with the accompanying sauce that consist of chili sauce and crushed peanuts.


My colleague knowing me who can’t take seafood, ordered the Claypot Noodles as well. It’s something very different compare to the Claypot Yee Mee that we have here in KL.


One of their signature dish is the Deep Fried Pork Knuckle. Consisting of 3 layers, from the crunchy skin, the layer of fats and then the meat, it’s best to go with the Thai Chili Dip that is provided. Despite it being deep friend, the meat is still tender and tasty.


Thai Styled Steamed Fish, very different from anything I tasted before in KL. Despite being Thai styled and topped with lots of garlics and chilies, the soup is sweet and full of flavour.


Sambal Belacan Kangkung, another dish which is quite differently cooked as it’s wetter and the gravy is good to go with rice.


Kung Po Lala, a dish that I can only look but cannot touch.


The last dish of the day, Curry Crab. It looked so good that just by smelling it is enough to make my saliva drool. Most of my colleagues gave it a thumbs up as the crab is very big and full of meat. The gravy is packed with spices and with the addition of the curry leaves made it taste even better. You can probably finished a plate of rice just by eating it with the gravy alone, well at least that’s what some of my colleagues did.

Before this, the only place I know in Penang to eat seafood is in Bukit Tambun, well I guess this will be the better choice next time I want to have seafood in Penang. Just do take note that it open quite early for dinner as by 5PM, the place is almost full with people taking their early dinner.

Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant
1 Jalan Punai
Nibong Tebal
Seberang Prai 14300 Penang
Tel No : 04-593 4768
Opening hours : Dinner time

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