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Lim Kee Famous Porridge @ Shell Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bayan Lepas

July 7, 2011

Back when I was in college, apart from May, I also got to know 2 very good friends. One of them is residing in Perth right now while the other is in Penang. Well, she’s actually from Alor Setar but she married to Penang. When I was at Penang a few months back, I got a message from her that she will actually be leaving to Shanghai, so I’ve told her that we should meet up when I am at Penang in June again.

So after my work on Monday, I took a short nap before meeting up for dinner. We were supposed to be at this Fish Steamboat near her place but it’s not open, so we went to next choice that she’s given me, which is ‘Moi’.

Come dinner time, she picked me up from the place I’m staying and head to this food court (or coffee shop as described by her) for dinner.


When I reached there, only did I know that ‘moi’ is actually porridge. Apparently this place is quite famous, well at least that’s what written on the display board. Since I’m still nursing my stomachache, I ordered the Frog Porridge. They also have some promotion as well where you can choose a few types for a higher price.


When the ‘moi’ came, well I thought to myself…it’s not porridge, it looked more like Teochew porridge to me. If you don’t know, my understanding of porridge is that the rice grain have to be thoroughly mushy in order to consider porridge, if it’s not then it’s plainly rice plus water and I don’t really like it because like Teochew porridge, there’s no taste at all.


However, the ones that is served here is totally different and full with sweetness. The soup that is used is sweet and tasty, and it’s garnished with lots of spring onions and roasted garlic, which adds more umph to the taste.


There’s also a generous amount of frogs in it too and it’s juicy and tender. Well this totally changed my perception of rice + water.

The food court also hosts quite a few number of authentic delicacies, however I didn’t try any since there’s just the 2 of us eating plus her 2 daughters. For me, eating ‘moi’ is not going to be the same again.

Lim Kee Famous Porridge
Near Shell (Nissan & Chevrolet Service Centre)
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
Opening Hours : 6PM till 1130PM

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