Fayas Curry House @ Pudu

June 21, 2011

One of my favourite lunching place around my working area now is Fayas Curry House.


At least once a week, I will head over here to have lunch and I can safely say that the boss also ‘almost’ know me now.


A sneak preview of the selection available. They have a wide range of dishes to choose from, from mutton to fish head.


Sometimes when May were heading to KL for meeting, she will drop by for lunch as well and we will order their Fish Head Curry. Price ranges from RM15-20 depending on the size. The meat is fresh and the curry is marvelous.


On other occasion when I’m dining alone, I will normally select a meat and vege. For this in particular, I ordered a piece of fried chicken and fish cutlet.

Their fish cutlet is one of the trademark at Fayas Curry House and I only discovered it recently. It’s the piece of black round thing in this plate of rice and actually made out of fish meat, marinated in different type of spices and then being fried. Don’t let the outlook scared you as it’s really one of the nicest thing I’ve eaten in a mamak shop.


On a separate time, I’m in luck as they have curry fish roe. I like fish roe, but they isn’t a lot of shop that serves them. And for those who serve them, normally it’s being deep fried. The one here is cooked with the fish head curry and when I asked the boss do they normally serve them, he said only when they have it.


On Fridays, they also serve Briyani Rice.  The sambal Chicken is one of my favourite dish but also one of their most inconsistent dish. On some days it is very very good, but some it’s just so-so. Price wise for the individual meal will normally cost about RM5-RM8.

If you are around the area, do give it a try. I will personally recommend their Fish Cutlet and Curry Fish Head.

Fayas Curry House
21 Jalan Sungai Besi
57100 Kuala Lumpur

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