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Garden Lifestyle Store & Café @ One Utama

April 25, 2011


The Garden Café have been at 1U for as long as I can remember, a place that eluded me mainly because of the setting of the place and the selection of food.


To accommodate the name, the theme is of course very garden like. The one in Midvalley has a nicer ambience as it’s located along the connecting bridge between MV and Gardens. There’s also a pianist when we visited where she was serenading some lovely songs.


Kayden posing for the camera, happy since he got his Thomas & Friends Tomy set.

IMG_8271 IMG_8273 IMG_8275

Selection of drinks that we ordered. Jasmine tea, Iced Honey Lemon and Iced Lemon Tea. Presented in miniature jug. The teapot + teacup is very British like.


May ordered the very plain looking Salted Egg Fried Rice, but the same can not be said to it’s taste. The rice is fried with salted egg yolk, which makes it very different from other fried rice that I’ve tried before. The yolk blended well and makes it very appetizing.


The Nasi Lemak that May’s dad ordered looks promising as well, with some tasty looking sambal and serunding. The chicken however is a little bit small since it’s being fried.


Claypot Fried Loh Shue Fun with egg, that May’s mom ordered. The comment from her mom is it’s slightly spicy for her.


I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon and Mushroom. Normally a lot of the carbonara that I’ve eaten normally are a bit dry, but the one here is creamy to the max and nice.


Kayden’s Mashed Potatoes, small but nice and he finished it. However, he puked it all out after that cause he choked on a piece of vegetable. RM5.90 wasted.

The Garden Café is currently available in 6 locations, 1 Utama, the Curve, MidValley, Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda and the newest at Viva.

Check out their website for full listing and menu

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