Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Fried Carrot Cake @ Jalan Sayur, Pudu

March 17, 2011

I still remember when we were small, my parents like to bring us to this place at Pudu for Chee Cheong Fun. What I can only recalled is that place is at the back lane, and we will always need to park far away and walk to the shop. And there are some instances where the shop is not open, we are left disappointed.


It’s like a mini eatery place come evening time at this place here, Jalan Sayur. Despite us arriving about 630PM, there’s still places to sit.


This stall in particular sells Chee Cheong Fun, as well as other type of mini snacks like Yam Cake, Carrot Cake, etc. But for us, our main intention is to eat the Curry Chee Cheong Fun.


The lady boss busy packing some Curry Chee Cheong Fun. There’s only 2 sizes, small or big. A small portion is about RM1.40, while the big is RM2.80.


Despite ordering the big version, it’s still look miniscule-ly small plate. One of the specialy here is the Pig Skin (Chu Pei) curry that goes with Chee Cheong Fun at an additional cost. Of course, the taste is still the same and still just as nice.


Just opposite this stall, is the famous Char Kway Kak (Fried Carrot Cake) stall. The shop normally closes once everything is finished, so make sure to be there early.


A plate of Char Kway Kak is about RM4.50 and have been a standard for others that I’ve tried. Unfortunately, none so far can matched the quality here. I like to eat it along with the curry sauce from the Chee Cheong Fun, extra ummpphh.


Last but not least, some Tong Sui to drench the food that we ate.

It’s definitely nostalgic to visit the place once in a while, because the food still taste as good. The place also serve decent Kambing Soup and Grilled Tofu too.

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  • Reply Sher Lin March 17, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    wai sek kai near ah yim’s place ah?

  • Reply JD March 18, 2011 at 3:09 pm


    Yup, you’re right.

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