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JD Cooks ~ Creamy Lasagna

February 23, 2011

Sometime last week, after seeing some blog about cooking lasagna, I posted on my FB status “Suddenly feel like cooking Lasagna”. No one replied except for Lin, who said “Suddenly feels like eating lasagna”. Decided to cook it over the weekend since May loves lasagna as well.


I bought the ingredients from Carrefour, except for the Lasagna sheets which I have to get it at Jusco.


I got the recipe from and instead of Creamy Chicken Lasagna, I substituted that with minced pork.

IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Boiling the lasagna sheets about 8-10 minutes in salted water. After that, cooled it down with cold water.


Frying the minced meat. You can use whichever meat that you like. The recipe suggested chicken slices, but I opted for pork instead. I’ve marinated it with oil, salt, corn flour and Herb’s de Provence to give it a distinctive flavor.


Cooked it until it’s brownish and I took it off the stove.


On the cooking pot, I added in the Spaghetti sauce, along with the cream cheese and Mozzarella chesse and the end result is something like this.


On a baking tray, put a layer of the lasagna sauce, and then cover it with the lasagna sheets. Repeat that until you’re done with the sauce and the lasagna sheets.


Just make sure that the 2nd top layer is the sauce, and then sprinkle the Mozzarella cheese on top. I’ve added some cheddar as well to make it more cheesy. After that, it’s into the preheated oven (175 Celsius) for 45 minutes.


And tadaa…the end product is decent. Just that some of the lasagna sheets on the sides are burnt out.


The inner layer of the lasagna. It’s surely is creamy!


The taste is pretty alright, and I’m impressed with the recipe provided by The only thing is the lasagna is a bit flat because there’s only 3 layers. Next time, I might try using a smaller baking tray so that it would be taller. It’s a good experiment, and it’s delicious. Till then…have fun!

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