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Chinese New Year

February 10, 2011


This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is somewhat different. Different because Kayden is a year old and different because it’s held at a new place as well. So there’s a lot of getting use to because our house is literally deserted for the duration of the new year.


What happens during the 1st day of CNY is normally a sit in lunch together, but due to the size of my family, we will normally do it buffet style. And later in the evening, we will adjourn to a relative place to have another makan-makan session. This year, it’s different as it’s done here at this new place.


A family shot from the view above.

IMG_0118 IMG_0139

Well if you think my family is big, think again because all of us can take up 10 tables easily. So it’s no wonder that foods need to be aplenty during the session.

IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0133

Some of the food includes Vegetarian Ribs, Lap Mei, Mutton Curry & Chicken Puffs. It’s sort of like a pot luck session where each family will bring some food of their own.


Other foods include Fried Mihun, Chicken Curry and Home Made Nasi Lemak. Well food is not all it matters, because the most important thing is the whole family able to gather yearly to catch up on how is things going.

Most of the time, both me and May are busy taking care of Kayden so social interaction are reduce to the minimum, but I guess that’s what you get if you have a 1 year old.

That basically sums up my CNY, hence the lack of posting for the previous week. Will be heading to Awana for a short trip tomorrow with May and Kayden, so hopefully it will be good!

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