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The Bestest Wedding Dinner (Phoebe & Boon Yaw Wedding) @ Westin KL

January 4, 2011

As I mentioned on my earlier post, I attended my friends’ wedding dinner at Westin KL on New Years Day.


If you asked why is my friends’ wedding dinner, it’s because both of the bride and groom are my ex colleagues from my Amex days and we have known each other quite a while. It’s always happy to know how they started and then of course walk down the aisle as bride and groom.


We were seated at Table 25, along with all Amex colleagues, old and new together.


The Grand Ballroom of Westin is so nicely decorated and it does feel like the bestest dinner ever. A quick peak of the menu is enough to make our saliva drool! And I have to say that 10 dishes later, I dare to say that this is the most fulfilling wedding dinner that I had been too, where the food is really great!


The 1st dishes that is served (along with some grand food presentation) is The Westin Combination Platter, consisting (from L-R) Coffee Marinated Salmon, Pei Jin Duck Roll, Escargot Szechuan Jelly Fish and Scrambled Egg with Dried Scallop Puff.

Each of the combination is so well balanced that I wished that my table is half empty, so that I could eat the rest. Aside from the Duck Roll which I didn’t eat, all the rest is so good, especially the Escargot Szechuan Jelly Fish.


You must be thinking, what is Wanton doing in a wedding dinner? But this is not any ordinary wanton soup ok, it’s actually Double Boiled Shark’s Fin with Monkey Mushroom and Scallop Wan Ton. The broth is sweet and fresh and provided something very different compare to the normal shark’s fin soup (and your spoon can bounce up and down because of the amount of corn flour being used to make the soup).


A closer look at the Monkey mushroom and Scallop Wanton.


Roasted Szechuan Chicken with Sesame Peanut Dressing, Crushed Onion is equally tasted especially the skin where it absorbed the marinated sesame and peanut dressing. In a way, we kinda lost whether we are attending a Chinese wedding dinner or a Western dinner because we don’t know what utensils to use.


Halfway through, we got the bride and groom on the stage showing their gratitude to their parents. Both of them do look “Pinang Dibelah Dua”. However, would be good if the emcee for the night will speak in dual language because some of them don’t understand Mandarin.


While the bride and groom is making their rounds of yum seng, the next dish is served. Secret Method Teriyaki Honey Black Cod Fillet and Honshimeiji. The norm you get at restaurant is of course steamed fish, but Black Cod fillet is so good and it literally melts in my mouth. With it’s awesome sauce, the dish is nice beyond words.


Fresh prawn being used for Deep Fried Prawn with Kalaifi Seaweed and Tobiko Egg Salad. The only dish that both me and May avoided, not because it’s not good but because of own different reasons. I’m sure Mr Lai or Kellie can give a comment or 2 about the prawn?


There’s also a vegetable dish that I forgotten to take a photo but moving on we had Fried Rice with Seafood and Seaweed Jus Asparagus. We had fried rice before but this is definitely a first time that we had something like this where it’s very Japanese influenced. I can’t help but took 2nd and 3rd helping of the rice.


Move away Red Bean Soup! This is the way dessert should be serve at wedding dinners! Moist Dark Chocolate and Banana Cake with Soya Bean Ice Cream. Who said wedding dinners have to be traditional? The cake is so moist and blended well with the Banana and cream. The Soya Bean ice cream is something different as well.


A group photo with the bride and the groom. Phoebe and Boon Yaw, Congratulations on your Wedding! So hopefully next year, we will get to see some babies.

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