CNY Reunion Dinner @ Elegant Inn, Menara Hap Seng

January 25, 2011

It’s almost an yearly tradition now that me and my bunch of friends gather around for once a year CNY Dinner. After ding-donging for quite a while, we decided to have it earlier this year to accommodate everyone.


After reading some reviews from femes food blogger KY, decided to try out this place, Elegant Inn @ Menara Hap Seng.

The restaurant is currently having the Standard Chartered RM888 promotion where the chef have come up with a special menu exclusively for SC cardmembers. Since it’s only for 8 diners, we have to opt for other menus which ranges from RM798 all the way to RM2388 per table.


I initially booked a table for 15, but ended up there’s only 11 of us that could make it. The waitress initially mentioned that rooms are only given for diners who spent more than RM1K+, but she make a U-turn later and decided to give us the room as well. Me, May and Yam are the 1st to arrive about 730PM, but we have to wait until about 815PM before everyone is properly seated.


We chose the Happy Menu (RM998/table) and the 1st dish that was served is Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith & Dried Seafood. You must be wondering how come the soup came 1st, that’s because we wanted to wait for everyone to be here before the Lou Sang.


The soup is good and not starchy. The Bamboo Pith that is being used does provide something ordinary compare to shitake mushroom or chicken slice.


When Leanne arrived, the Bountiful Harvest Salmon Losang is served.


The ingredients used here are pretty special are more refreshing with snow pear and pomelo being used.


The Losang also consist of salmon, jellyfish and abalone, which is pretty special given that most restaurant only serve 1 or the other.


Everyone getting ready to Lo Hei! That is after we make fun of the server (who’s not local) who kept on saying auspicious greeting while piling the ingredients together.

IMG_7371 IMG_7372

Lin and Suilin. Yam, Jason and Melon.

IMG_7373 IMG_7374

Me, May and Pat. Pat, Kel and Lai.


And Leanne who’s slurping the shark’s fin soup away (Sorry ah, didn’t have a proper shot of you).


The Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Lemon Black Bean Sauce is quite special because of the tinge of lemon that is being use, that provides a very refreshing fish.


However, the way the fish was being served is pretty disappointing because it ended up like this in front of us. I think I could cut the fish better.


Next up is Chinese Village Chicken in Shallot Fragrant Superior Soy. Looked good right? Well, it taste even better, because the chicken is really done perfectly. Truly a very Hong Kong cuisine.


The dreaded dish that I can’t eat, Creamy Almond Flake Crystal Prawn. I would say it’s good as the prawns does look fresh.


May said that the Braised Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy & Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallop Sauce looked very ordinary but the ingredients that’s being used suggest otherwise. The Chinese Cabbage is soft and goes well with the sauce. I would think it’s better than the normal broccoli with tofu?


Braised HK E Fu Noodles with Abalone Slices, is pretty special in it’s own way. Real abalone slices were used and the noodles is nicely cooked and taste a bit like our version of “Yee Mee”. A lot of us did go for 2nd helping.


Dessert is served, Double Boiled Snow Pear & Snow Fungus with Red Dates & Chinese Almond. Refreshing and very “yun” I would say.


Pan Fried Traditional RIce Cake & Hazelnut Cookie, which I think is pretty standard dessert dish during the CNY period. Most of us agreed that the Pan Fried Rice Cake is pretty good, but could be a pretty weird combination with the cookies.

I would say the food is pretty good, however most of the dishes are serve quite slow and the whole dinner process is almost like a wedding dinner, but the good thing is most of the dishes are being serve piping hot.

Total price for the dinner is about RM1,350 which is quite pricey, but having your all your friends over for a reunion dinner, well that’s something that don’t happen that often now.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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