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Taiwan Day 6 – Xi Men Ding & Modern Toilet Restaurant

December 3, 2010

It’s great to know that Wonstar Hotel provides internet facility so I’m connected back to the digital age. It was a tiring night and we slept in before checking out the hotel’s breakfast.


Breakfast was alright, with a mixture of Western and Taiwanese dishes. One thing I fall in love is this dish here that’s eaten with either rice or porridge. The Taiwanese called it Liu Rou, basically means Stewed Pork. Layers of lard cooked in fermented beans, it’s a pity that I only know the actual name after I touched down in KL, because it’s sold almost every where in Taiwan.


It’s good to eat with porridge too, along with some pork floss. We don’t do this that often here in KL.


Our target for day 6 is basically walk around Taipei and hunt for some stuffs like my Starbucks tumblers, May got to know from her friend about this place that sells very nice shoes, but we searched high and low for the shop but to no avail. We ended up finding this place called Chin Chin Cafe.

We were early and didn’t realised that malls only open at 11AM on weekdays, so we ended up having a cup of coffee at this nice cafe called Artco, makes me want to open one on my own. Wait till I have enough dough first.


After hanging around the area for a while, we head over to Ximending, apparently called the Shinjuku district in Taiwan.


It’s this place where it’s hip and happening and the clothes are a whee bit trendy for people like me.

Things to do – Buy hip and trendy stuffs, Red Brick House (Opera House)


The Red Brick House is a very old Opera House that was here since the Japanese occupation, and served as an opera house during those times. Very nice but we are too tired to walk nearer to it.


Baleno, Hang Ten, Giordano, Net, it’s the place for shopping! Too bad the Uniqlo is not opened yet when we were there. I didn’t get anything at Ximending, May on the other hand got some latest blouse imported from Korea. Yup, Taiwanese have quite a lot of Korean influence too in the way they dress.

Things to Eat – Modern Toilet Restaurant


We had a difficult time finding this, because it’s so ‘modern’ that when we were asking for direction from some older folks, they don’t know what we are talking about. This place is quite a hit a few years back with it’s very unique deco.


Fancy seating on top of a toilet bowl while having lunch?

IMG_6046 IMG_6048

More toilet bowls while waiting for your seat. Packed with people going to the toilet to eat.


Since everything is toilet theme, it’s obvious that our food is served on a toilet bowl as well, with of course a piece of shit as deco. My set is actually the curry chicken set (NTD190), which I find the taste only so-so.


May’s Signature Toilet Hot Pot (NTD250) is pretty interesting with a some pork, prawns and plenty of vegetables. The soup is plain, nothing fancy and not much to shout about.


Even Milk Tea is served in a mini toilet bowl look alike, and the tea is one of the worst that we had on our entire Taiwan trip.


My set comes with ice cream as well that shape like, well shit.


Not knowing our shit, we ordered dessert as well and this huge pile of shaved ice and ice cream is served on a bath tub. Nothing special really and I would say our ABC taste way better. The shaved ice is not smooth enough so there are times that it’s like we are eating crush ice cubes.

It was a nice experience eating in a Modern Toilet, but I would say once is enough because the food is really so so. If good food is what you want, then head over to a nearby Ah Zhong Mien Xien nearby (although I don’t know where is it located in Ximending).

To be continue…Shih Lin Night Market!

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  • Reply My Kafkaesque life December 20, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Been here this year, too. Awesome place 🙂

  • Reply JD December 20, 2010 at 9:00 pm


    Yup, it’s awesome!

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