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King City Seafood Centre & Restoran Shanghai for Dinners, Miri

December 29, 2010

After having a lot of great food on the 1st day (here and here), lunch for the rest of the trip is a fairly normal affair with only packed lunch as we were too busy working.

So after a full day of busy-ness on the 2nd day, we head over to King City Seafood Centre for dinner.


A very simple restaurant offering some local delicacies.


Thai Style Mango Chicken, something very different as we normally had cucumbers instead of mangoes.


Stir Fried Venison, which is smooth and not chewy.

P1000616 P1000619

Stir Fried Yao Mak and Claypot Tofu, something very ordinary.


Something very different is Butter Brussels Sprouts! Miri-ans have this tendency to cook vegetables this style, which is actually quite good. So far I haven’t seen any Tai Chow here in KL that serve them like this.

After an early dinner, we head out to the Miri Market for supper. Apparently there’s lots of Kolo Mee stall at this market but by the time we were there, most of the stalls are already closing.


All close for business, no more Kolo Mee.


Miri Char Kway Teow, which is not as nice as the ones here.


The Kolo Mee only had Mihun left, so we have to order Kolo Mihun, which still taste quite alright although a little bit on the dry side.


Wat Dan Hor, nothing special and can almost get it anywhere.

As for the last night at Miri, we head to somewhere near our hotel for a quick dinner before heading to the airport. The place is called Shanghai Restaurant.


3 Layer Tea, one last cup before heading back to KL.


Tomato Yee Mee, something that we are not used to eating because of the sour taste from the ketchup, but a good try though.


Fried Rice is pretty good!


Another Wat Dan Hor, but this one is way better than the one we had the previous night for supper.


Stir Fried Kai Lan, very special as they cut the leaves at fried it to be crunchy.


Roasted Chicken is also perfectly done and very tasty. Overall it’s a good trip, way better than what I had been through 8 years back when I was stranded in Sarawak.

They even had Starbucks now at the airport.


How I wished there’s one 8 years back when I was here.

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