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Miri…Kolo Mee & Lalapan

November 2, 2010

I have never set my foot at the city of Miri until last week when I was over there for work, but I do however had transited in the airport close to 6 years back. I can still remember that day until now and it’s one of the worst work trip ever.

I’ve just quit my job, but I need to serve 3 months notice and I was sent to Bintulu for work with an open return ticket. The day that I left Bintulu, I checked out from the hotel at 4AM in the morning to catch the earliest flight to Kuching, so that I can be on the waiting list to head back to KL, but I was being told that I will be put on the waiting list and I ended up getting a flight from Kuching to Miri (using the open return ticket) and then booking the last AirAsia flight back to KL. I need to endure flight delay as well for that AirAsia flight plus traveling almost the entire Sarawak in the span of 1 day. The experience was horrible, and it will forever etch in my mind.


But this time around, it’s different. I actually got to step out from the airport and the whole experience is vastly different from the one I had 6 years back.


The sky is bright and blue.


Mega Hotel, one of the largest hotel in Miri, and seems like the entire city’s function is being held here.


The room is pretty big and can easily fit 3-5 person.

Within a span of 3 days, I’ve got to savour a number of local delicacies like Kolo Mee, Lalapan, BBQ Pork, etc. I’m thinking of separating the food into several posts so that it won’t be too long or too short.

Kolo Mee


One of the must eat at Sarawak would definitely be their Kolo Mee. Almost all coffee shops will have a stall selling this. It’s also one of the most economical food you can eat in Miri.


A bowl of Kolo Thin Noodle, with slices of Char Siu, minced meat, looks plain but packed with flavours.


Bowl of Kolo Thin Noodles.


Although there’s not much ingredient needed but there are a few essential items to make a good bowl of Kolo Mee. The most crucial ingredient of all has got to be the lard’s oil. It instantly change a simple bowl of noodles into an aromatic ones. Of course, the minced meat is important too but that’s only secondary.

This particular stall is just located opposite Mega Hotel,  but you can find it almost anywhere in Miri.

Muara Restaurant (The Founder of Lalapan) @ North Yu Send Road, Miri


My brother had scout around the previous day and recommended us to try this place, called Muara Restoran, founder of the Lalapan. What is Lalapan?


It’s very much like the Ayam Penyet here but just that the food is not squashed flat. There are several options to choose from like Chicken and various type of fish and each set roughly cost about RM6-8. The Lalapan Tenggiri above, serve with a wide selection of ulam.


The Chicken Lalapan. What is special is their home made belacan sauce, which is spicy and full of belacan flavour which is so good that you can even just eat it with plain rice.


Lalapan Catfish. All is done the same way where it’s being deep fried, and then accompany by vegetables and the sambal belacan.


The Ikan Kembung is nothing to shout about except that it’s being grilled with tomatoes and garlic, all wrapped with coconut leaves. Teh C Special, a must drink in Sarawak. Notice the difference between those in Sarawak and the one I did last time, the layer of sugar is green instead. The gimmick is Pandan leaves.

Despite being special, I think the Teh is so-so only because the tea is not thick enough, so it’s like drinking milk, instead of milk tea.

Ironically enough, this particular place is being featured in the Sunday Star, so have a read if you want to know the origins of why it’s being called Lalapan.

2 meals completed on day 1, there’s 2 more to come in a later post.

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  • Reply TL Wong November 4, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Ahh kolok Mee, I miss that one in Sarawak can’t find back the taste in KL here

  • Reply JD November 4, 2010 at 4:56 pm


    I think there is lah Tze Lun, try reading…I’m sure he recommended some around Klang Valley.

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