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Taiwan Day 3 – Sunrise @ Sun Moon Lake & Departing Sun Moon Lake

October 18, 2010

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up around 520AM on our 3rd day to catch the sunrise.


There’s too much fog that morning so couldn’t capture the scenic moment.


It’s so early that even the street is almost deserted. We head to 7-11 to get something to much while waiting.

IMG_5395 IMG_5396

The assorted drinks that is available around 7-11. From Papaya Milk, Bubble Milk Tea to Lattes and Cappuccinos, it’s left us spoilt for choice.


We get some packed buns with Sponge Bob’s and Doraemon’s cover, alongside a cup of coffee, sitting by the pier to wait for the sun to rise.


With the fogs still around, the nicest photo that I could capture is this.

IMG_5416 IMG_5417

The garden view of Laurel Villa, it’s been raining the night before so it’s pretty wet and damp, so we opt to sit inside.


Breakfast is provided, with toasted bread, eggs, ham plus lettuces and fruits. A very healthy breakfast.


May happily eating her bread.

We checked out early as we are heading to Jiu Fen, and the trip involved us traveling the Nantou Bus back to HSR Taichung and then from there back to Taipei before switching to MRT and then by bus to Jiu Fen.


Despite reaching the HSR Taichung at about 10AM, we took the 1039AM train as it goes directly to Taipei with minimal stops.


The fare is slightly higher at NT$700 because Taipei is slightly further than Taoyuan HSR.


The HSR will always reached on time if not 5 minutes earlier. With this kind of punctuality, Taiwanese can literally stay in Kaohshiung and work in Taipei by commuting the HSR to work everyday. The only thing that they need to worry about it the cost of the trip.


Aside of the punctuality, I like the way they drew queuing lines at the platform, and everyone will queue up (unlike here).


May lining up to enter the Car No 2.


At the back of each seat is a map of the train, indicating the nearest washroom, the vending machines and so forth. Very airlines like kind of environment.

Eat – HSR Bento


Before we hop onto the train, we got ourselves packed Bento boxes at the station. There a few varieties and price ranges from NT$80-100.


Each of the bento sets are packed nicely in either a big square box or a wooden bowl. It’s so deliciously looking that I think we would have regret if we didn’t get 1.


I bought the Curry Pork Katsu Set at NT$100. It’s packed nicely with a cup of curry sauce.


I’m sure we can’t find this anywhere in KL for RM10. A big piece of Pork Katsu, Shishamo and nicely decorated vegetables and fishcake all nicely packed in preassigned compartment.

The taste is not bad too althought the Pork is not piping hot, but the rest of the dishes still taste fresh.


May bought the Pork Ribs Bento at N$80.


The piece of ribs is very flavourful, served with a portion of vegetables and an egg with glutinous rice, almost like the one like our Loh Mai Fan.

One of the best packed lunch ever! In less than an hour, we have reached Taipei and head on to Jiufen, up next post.

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  • Reply mimid3vils October 19, 2010 at 11:01 am

    the pork rib bento really looks impressive huh…

  • Reply JD October 19, 2010 at 2:56 pm


    Yeah, it’s quite nice too. Too bad our KTM here don’t serve this kind of bentos.

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