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Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf & Jine’s Wedding

October 26, 2010

Last week was a hectic one as there’s a few jobs coming in from Wednesday through to Sunday, but luckily still able to have a day off on Saturday. Was up early so that can spend some time with Kayden and May, so decided to head over to Jarrod & Rawlin’s for some awesome breakfast but was greeted by the close sign. So take note that J&R only open at 10AM.

So early on the day, we head over to Bangsar Village to see if there’s any nice place to have breakfast like The Daily Grind but alas, it was not open yet as well, so we ended up having to decided to eat at Starbucks or Coffee Bean, we chose the latter one.


Coffee Bean don’t just serve Ice Blended Mocha nowadays, they also have a pretty comprehensive all-day breakfast menu as well.


May’s Breakfast Set looks nice with a couple of chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and a piece of toast.


My Smoked Salmon sandwich is not bad either. A large portion of smoked salmon in between tasty sandwich bun and a poached egg.


Kayden woke up very early that day, so by the time that we’re starting to eat, he’s getting a bit sleepy as well. Managed to do some shopping around and May got this RM300+ coat that she’s going to be wearing for her conference in Bali next month, how nice.

One thing I noticed was, some of the shops in Bangsar Village have been moved around, especially those in BV1, but it’s still a nice and quiet mall to spend Saturday mornings.

We both have wedding dinners to attend that night, so we head back home to rest before going separate ways for our wedding dinner. May’s dinner is at Subang Saujana while mine’s at the Grand Season Hotel in KL.

Jine’s wedding is sort of like a big Amex gathering as there are a lot of ex-Amex staffs that attended the dinner as well.


Me and Shireen, pardon the quality of the photos because I’m using a Panasonic Lumix and no flash is allowed when taking photos with her.


Me and Chin Chin, both wearing matching black.


Me and Kellie, who somehow managed to grow her short hair long for this particular day.


Me and Phoebe in white, who’s going to get married soon.

Overall it’s fun filled dinner because it’s just like attending an Amex annual dinner, too bad have to work on Sunday, if not would have probably follow them for 2nd round.

Once again, Congratulations Jine & Andrew on your big day!

Normal posting on Taiwan to resume soon.

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