Tim Kei Pan Mee (Lau Di Fang) @ Jalan Berangan, KL

August 26, 2010

I’ve worked at Menara Weld for more than 5 years but I’ve never step foot into this very famous Pan Mee stall at Jalan Berangan (which is the road inward at the now defunct Finnegans).


As May was going down to KL a few times last week, we decided to give this place a try as a few friends of mine have said that the Pan Mee at this stall is not bad.

IMG00169-20100819-0730 IMG00170-20100819-0731

We were the 1st customer that day, guess the morning crowd is still jamming their way to town.


On each table, there are 3 variants of chilies being served. There’s the chili flakes, the normal chili sauce and also cili padi. It’s good to know that you can choose what kind of spiciness you want and choose accordingly.


May ordered the soup version, with fish and meat ball. The starting price is at RM6 and goes up with the things you want to add in, like egg or extra fish balls.


Bear in mind that they only serve thin and thick pan mee only. The other alternate version, which is the pinch version is not available.


As for me, I ordered the dry version, with egg.


The pan mee is slightly thicker than average but the texture is firm and chewy and just nice to be eaten. On top of it were the usual minced pork with mushroom.

Both of the soup and dry version is not bad at all and breakfast was very satisfying. It’s also best to be eaten with the chili flakes, especially for the dry version.

The only thing I regretted is not eating here earlier during my 5 years at the Weld. So if any of you are nearby, don’t wait like me. Head over now to try one of the more decent Pan Mee stall around this part of KL.

Tim Kei Pan Mee (Lau Di Fang)
Jalan Berangan (along Hotel Fortuna) aka Arab Street

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