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JD Cooks ~ Char Kway Teow

August 13, 2010


When my parents were away to Shanghai a few weeks back, we had to cook our own dinner. During the last day of our holiday, we wanted to make CKT for dinner, so off we go to get some ingredients from our local sundry shop.

We don’t want to buy the typical Kway Teow and Mee, so we go for those noodle used for Assam Laksa instead. Other ingredients includes fish cake, lap cheong and chilli giling (grind chillies).


First thing to do is to fry the fish cake and lap cheong so that it is properly cooked.


Next, put in the noodles and after that, the chilli paste.

Once it’s evenly cook, then you can start adding the main ingredients to adjust the taste, like the oyster sauce, dark soya sauce, soya sauce, salt and pepper.


Which will end up something like this. The last bit is to add in an egg and bean sprouts and it’s ready to go.


May’s version which is without any chillies.


My version which is loaded with chillies and bean sprouts.

One thing I notice though, it’s better to stick with the normal Kway Teow or Mee, because using this particular noodles is quite a weird combination. But nevertheless, at least now I know that these is only good for Assam Laksa. Hehe. Till then…have fun!

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