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Daimon Yokocho @ Damai 23, Alam Damai

July 27, 2010


It’s ironic that I’ve been all around Klang Valley for food but I don’t eat much at places closer to my home. I guess one of the main reason is there’s not much choices available around the place that I stay, hence the very little review of places around my area. However, over the past few months, a lot of the development around my area have started to open up and of course, and there are quite a number of eateries around this place called Damai 23.

Enter Daimon Yokocho,  a very neat Japanese restaurant that serves hand made Udon. Have always wanted to give this place a try but don’t have the chance until last Sunday, where no one is cooking at home, so it’s an ideal time to try this Udon Specialist Restaurant.


Kayden has been ill since last Thursday, flu, cough and everything under the sun. So he has been a bit cranky over the past few days. However, we did managed to eat peacefully throughout dinner.


I initially thought that I want to eat rice, unfortunately, Daimon Yokocho only serves Ramen & Udon. So I ordered the Kyushu Cutlet Pork Ramen(RM15.90) instead. The set comes with of course a Cutlet Pork which is very tasty and tender. The only thing that I find missing is that it’s not salty enough, but that can be help by dipping into the lemon mayonaise sauce that comes with it.


The Ramen also comes with a very special 3/4 cooked egg that I believe is cooked with Teriyaki sauce. The egg yolk is still watery and blended very well with the Teriyaki marinate.


My Kyushu Ramen is as plain as Jane. Having said that, it’s pretty good as the soup is sweet and the ramen, spongy. There’s a generous amount of corn, snow peas and Japanese fish cake.


May ordered the Tomato Soup Based – Chicken Strips Homemade Udon (RM15.90). The soup is very tomato-ish but gives you a very appetizing feeling because of its sourish taste. The chicken strip is marinated perfectly with Teriyaki sauce and on my 1st bite, I almost though that it’s pork loin instead.

Aside from Ramen and Udon, the place also serve Yakiniku as well. However, as we both were still recovering from flu, sore throat, etc, we decided to give it a miss but vow to try it the next time we are here.

Overall, Daimon Yokocho is quite a decent place for a bowl of ramen. There also have Satay soup as well to go along with the Udon which I can’t taste at the moment. I’m sure this will be my next hangout place next time whenever I feel like eating a bowl of Japanese Udon.

Daimon Yokocho
32A, Jalan Alam Damai 1
Damai 23
Cheras 56000 KL
Tel No : 03-9105 5063

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