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July 1, 2010


I don’t remember myself buying anything from GAP before and surely this is a 1st for both of us.


We were both busy looking for a swimsuit for Kayden, so when we saw a big sign saying “Sale Baby Swimsuits” at the Gardens Gap store, we didn’t hesistate to go in to have a look. Moreover, Kayden is only 8 days shy of his 6 months old.


However instead of swimsuits, we got him bodysuits instead. May likes bodysuits a lot because mini tees always comes all out when Kayden is wiggling here and there.


There’s always a dilemma being a parent buying clothes for your baby. One of the things that you need to worry about it how fast they outgrow that cute bodysuit or mini tee. This happened quite a number of times, remember the blue mini tee with the fire truck? Well, he wore it less than 10 times and it won’t fit anymore. Luckily we got it during a sale, if not it’s a bit wasted. Then again, we can always recycle it to the next baby in the house.


A red colour sleeveless bodysuit, since Kayden likes red a lot. Typical Hokkien boy!


A blue colour with collar bodysuit. Looks damn rugged when he puts in on. Well at least it does when he fits into it since the one we bought is for 12-18 months old.

It’s the month of July, it’s going to be a busy month for me and yes, I will turn 30 this month. Well, as far as I know, life begins at 30, no?

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