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Today Marks Kayden 5th Month!

June 8, 2010


Today is officially Kayden’s 5th month in our house. That means there’s still 1 more month to go before he can start on solid food. (and May would be able to resume her normal diet of eating seafood and other stuffs because there’s the time when she will stop breastfeeding)

We haven’t bring him for his monthly jab yet but I’m sure he has grown even heavier and taller.


We started to train him to stop night feeding last Wednesday and he’s getting better and better every night. Up till this morning, he only wakes up once and after that continue sleeping until it’s time for both of us to go to work. Yeah, he’s quite an early bird!

It was quite a heart aching moment for the 1st few nights because seeing him crying out loud (because he’s hungry) and yet we have to resist giving him milk so that he will realise that waking up at night means drinking tasteless H20.


Both me and May are glad that he’s getting bigger and bigger and turn out to be a cheeky little boy. Cheeky is the sense that he will brings you heaven and hell. Heaven is of course when he gets enough of sleep and will chuckle at every funny faces that you made in front of him. Hell when he cries non-stop (and sometimes until no voice) when May wants to cuddle him to sleep when its way past his sleeping time.

It’s sometimes moment like this that will sure light up the darkest of our days!

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