Hokkien Mee @ Kim Lian Kee, Petaling Street

June 24, 2010

I remember during my younger days (as in very very young), one of my family favourite thing to do is SUPPER. So in a way, that’s why I’m what I’m today, weighing more than 90 kilos. Of course, that aside, those late night suppers had of course plays a big part in what I like to eat today.


Located at the busy junction at Petaling Street is Restoran Kam Lian Kee, which is quite famous for it’s Hokkien Mee. So one fine day, I decided to head over for lunch since it’s just a stone throw away from my office.


It’s my lucky day because most of the time, the place is always packed. Aside from the ‘Dai Chow’, they also serve Mixed Rice.


The view from where I’m seated. Fake LVs, Guccis and more. It’s not really Chinatown anymore because the place is literally run by foreigners.


A must have with each Hokkien Mee, Sambal Belacan! Any places that leave a mug of these for you is deemed good for me!


I have to wait for a good 10 minutes before I can sink my teeth to this.


Pardon the picture quality because it’s from my BB. It actually taste better than it looks. With lards, cuttlefish and 2 big pieces of prawn, what more can you ask for a good lunch? . It’s good as it’s not too dry (despite me ordering mee + mihun), but just enough gravy not to make it too wet.

For RM7, I think it’s a pretty good lunch. The only sad thing is I can’t eat these.


Well, I guess it’s still worth it!

Restoran Kim Lian Kee
Junction Opposite the Famous Longan Drink
Jalan Petaling KL

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  • Reply ben February 21, 2012 at 5:18 am

    I worked for my fiends in petaling street stalls 20 years ago. Back then, it was too good and the old boss and staffs still cooking. But now all foreigners doing the cooking so standard dropped too much.
    In fact during my 5 times trip there the standard become worsen. I really can taste the very big wide differences It not nice anymore.

  • Reply JD February 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm


    It’s sad knowing a lot of foreigners taking over the kitchen nowadays, and true enough the food standard drops once that happened.

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