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Kayden On His Walker & Iron Man 2

May 1, 2010


If you look at this photo, you won’t even figure out that just a few days back, his face is full of rashes resulted in allergy. So after a long wait on Thursday at the Paediatrician (about 1 and half hours long), he got better yesterday.

So being his usual self, he will complain (by crying fakely), so that anyone of us would carry him around. So yesterday, Mom put him on the Walker that we meant to give him to use when he’s 6 months old.


To our surprise, he can sit on the walker quite comfortable and can even step backwards a bit. I guess he’s taller than the average 3 month old because when we were are the clinic the other day, he’s actually bigger in size compare to another baby which is 6 months old. I guess it’s the genes.


Glad that he’s making a speedy recovery so at least the 1 and half hours of waiting is well worth it.

That aside, tired of organizing movie outings with our friends, we decided to watch Iron Man 2 just the both of us.


Which turned out to be really really good (and again I have raised the expectation for some of my friends, haha!). It’s way better than the 1st instalment (mainly because it’s more like an introductory to the character) and there’s more action on this movie plus of course Scarlett Johansson.

It’s definitely a movie that I will get in Bluray, but that won’t happened till later this year.

It’s Labour Day today and I woke up at 530AM. So I think it’s time to go catch a nap. You guys reading this, go and watch Iron Man 2 now.

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  • Reply Guma May 1, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Ha, Ha, Ha, your son is really like an Iron Man when he screams to people to carry him around. Not only he wants to be carried, he wants the ‘carrier’ to move around by kicking his feet. Err…..is he learning how to steer the person who is carrying him? Aiyoh, I got backache from carrying him and chasing after TG!!!!! Which – actually made Kayden giggling away.

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