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Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

May 27, 2010

Remember my last post when I said I went fishing. Well, I lied. With Kayden around, I can’t even find time for myself, and with all his crying, he will probably frighten the biggest fish(besides, I don’t really like to fish).

IMG_3696 edit

However, that didn’t stop us for having our “Big Fish Moment” at Pizza Hut. We haven’t been eating pizza for the longest time, so when Pizza Hut launch the new Fish King Pizza, we are determine to give it a try.


The biggest catch of our day is of course the Fish King Pizza meal (plus Cheesy Lava Crust)! With 8 fish fingers (6 if you order regular) made from specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, crabsticks, Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicum, yellow onion and juice pineapples, all on a cool lime mayo sauce…it’s simply refreshing!


If you are wondering how does an Alaskan Pollock look like, here is an illustration.


And here are a photo of some live (but dead) Alaskan Pollock. According to Wikipedia, the Alaskan Pollock is said to be the “largest remaining source of palatable fish in the world.” It’s primarily use in the fast food industry as it has a milder taste, whiter colour and lower oil content. Read more about the Alaskan Pollock here.


Alaskan Pollock Fish Fingers, “Tender on the inside & crispy on the outside.” As the tagline goes, the fish fingers are really fresh and tender, it’s as if the fish have just been flown in from Alaska and being prepared to this deliciously good fish fingers. It’s perfectly fried and once you’ve taken a bite, you will want the 2nd, the 3rd and so on.


The pizza itself is a masterpiece. The ‘cool’ lime mayo sauce goes very well with the Cheesy Lava crust and blended perfectly with the sweet taste of crabsticks, the roasted capsicums, onions and pineapples.

IMG_3698 edit

It’s so good that even Kayden can’t keep his eyes off the pizza!


The Spaghetti Bolognaise is amazingly good. There’s a generous amount of bolognaise sauce to go with the spaghetti and I can tell you it’s truly Italiano.



Afraid that the biggest catch won’t satisfy our appetite, we also ordered the Cheese Bake Rice (with a layer of cheese on top).


It’s so cheesy and definitely worth claiming itself ‘the’ Cheese Bake Rice. The savoury flavour of the rice makes it very appetizing and it’s great for someone who loves rice(like Jasmin).

We definitely have a ‘Big Fish Moment’ trying the King Fish Pizza but Kayden doesn’t seem to agree.

IMG_3695 edit

As the Big Catch is for a limited time only, do head over to the nearest Pizza Hut to fish now! What’s more, write about your experience of the Fish King Pizza and get a chance to win RM2,000 cold hard cash. Find out more by visiting  Wish me luck fishing!

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