Yip Chi Mei Big Bao @ Ong Kee, Taman Connaught

April 27, 2010


One of the well know things to eat around Connaught area is of course the Oh-So-Famous Yip Chee Mei Tai Bao (Big Chinese Bun). Why is it so famous?


Mainly because the size of the bun is equivalent to the size of a certain body part of the actress Veronica Yip. Well, if any of you haven’t seen it before, you have to see it to believe that the size of this bun is almost 3 times the size of the normal Big Bao.


With the big bun comes a lot of filling consist of pork, chicken, egg and yam beans (sengkuang) marinated with I believe a special sauce. It’s been quite a while that I tasted the bun and the last time I ate, it’s still selling at RM3.80. When I bought the bun the other day, apparently the stall has been reviewed by quite a number of newspaper, magazine and the famous ‘1 Day 5 Meal’.


Despite all the good reviews, personally I think there’s nothing to shout about. The fillings are salty and bitter (mainly because too much Sesame Oil is being used) and tasted quite ordinary. Compare to the one I tasted a few years back, it has definitely dropped a few notch down south. For RM5.50, it’s much better to get a bowl of Pork Noodle rather than sinking your teeth on one of these bun.

I also bought a Loh Mai Kai as well but it tasted so bad that I only managed to take a bite, the rest is history.


As an old saying goes, don’t be complacent because you will then slack off from what you do best. It’s so true, the stall used to be famous because of it’s tasty Big Yip Chi Mei Bao, but over the years, with the name of the stall growing in fame, the quality and taste deteriorates.

So my advised, avoid Yip Chi Mei Big Bao at all cost!

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